7 Health Tips to Improve Your Life

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“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and “Health is wealth” are some proverbs that most of us have heard many times in our lifetime; but, how many of us give priority to our lifestyle to achieve a better quality of life? Well, only few of us follow a healthy routine to improve our life; and hence, face various health issues at different stages of our lives.

Though not all health issues cause a big hole in our pocket, some really can. For such situations, we all should have health insurance with us. There are various IRDA-approved organizations offering health insurance in India, and we can compare different plans online to select the most suited one.

Generally, we all have a convenient and easy to follow day-to-day routine and any changes to it, even for our betterment, seem awkward. Today, we are going to discuss some easy to follow health tips that can improve the overall quality of our lives.

Eat organic food and avoid carbides

The first and foremost thing that comes to our mind when we talk about being healthy is include more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet than refined and packed eating items. But, nowadays, a potentially harmful component, known as carbide, is used to ripe the fruits. Additionally, in vegetables, large volumes of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers are used. These substances, carbides, inorganic fertilizers, and pesticides remove the natural vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and fruits. Therefore, a small change to switch to organic (raw) food items can show a significant improvement in your lifestyle.

Include colors of a rainbow in your diet

Apart from eating organic food, it is suggested to include all the colors of a rainbow in your diet. Make a salad with fruits and vegetables of different colors. The intense colors of fruits and vegetables indicate that they are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Having a whole lot of rainbow colors on your plate ensures that you are taking most of the nutrients from your food than supplements.

Get adequate sleep

With huge stress at work, people today have lots of other distractions as well, such as social media, Internet, and online gaming. Studies suggest that people are losing out the required amount of sleep due to these distractions. One of the top reasons for low immunity and early signs of aging is lack of adequate sleep. For a healthy and normal living, it is recommended to have a sound sleep of at least seven to eight hours every day.


Regular exercising goes way beyond robust immune system and healthy body. A daily vigorous workout like cycling, jogging, brisk walking, or running revs up the entire system of our body and gives us a day-long freshness, youthful skin, healthy hair, and an overall fit body. Moreover, playing a sport like badminton, table tennis, cricket, or swimming can also do the needful. Therefore, we need not hit the gym every time or purchase some expensive equipment to stay healthy, as simple exercises like jogging, running and playing sports, such as cricket, badminton, etc. can also help us to stay healthy and fit.

Stay hydrated

A normal human body is made up of 50-65% water and our day to day activities cause water loss from the body. To replenish the loss of water from your body, it is advised to stay hydrated all the time. It is not a good habit to drink a lot of water at a particular time of the day and remain without the required amount of water for the rest of the time. Make a pattern of drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated always. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Drinking sufficient water not only will keep you hydrated, but also keep your skin supple, joints lubricated, body energetic, and metabolism faster.

Spare some time for your hobby

In our everyday life, we forget about ourselves, we forget that we too have right to spare some time to enjoy our hobby. Keep some time for your hobby in your day-to-day routine whether it is gardening, listening to music, reading a book, or just watching the stars. Spending some time in your hobby will not only elevate your mood but also destress you physically.

Get routine health checkups

Gone are the days when blood works were suggested to sick people. Instead, doctors, today, recommend getting a full body checkup at least once every six months. Routine health tests put a check on an ailing part of our body and warn us against any disease at the right time. There are various insurance companies offering health insurances in India, providing cost-free benefits for full body checkups as well.

So, this list does not only guide us to have an improved lifestyle, but also leads us to attain better health of our mind and body.

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