5 Huge Health & Wellness Trends Emerging In 2021

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  • A number of huge health and wellness trends are shaping the future for the coming year

2020 was one moving and challenging year. With the coronavirus outbreak, people all around the world had to readjust almost everything about their lifestyle. Social interaction got cut off, and places as basic as offices were shut down. Workers got sent back home to work from home or perhaps find themselves a good passion to pursue.

Naturally, such drastic changes had a noticeable impact on both the mental and physical health of the workers. It also had a great impact on what may lie ahead soon. This all-embracing post aims to cover both the aspects mentioned above. With that said, let’s now explore some of the promising wellness trends brought about by the pandemic.

Virtual Fitness

The spread of COVID encouraged us to cater to the need of looking after one’s ourselves and doing things instead of only thinking about them. However, simultaneously, the virus also keeps us from chasing our dreams when it comes to the physical lives. How so? Well, the gyms and studios have closed down.

Instead, people are now relying more on virtual training sessions. According to statistics, about 37 percent of people join a workout session at least once a week. It saves both time and money and yields more or less the same result if you stay true honest to your purpose and keep practicing.

Touchless Spa Services

The pandemic led to the closing of all the spas, beauty, and wellness treatment centers.  These services involved direct hand contact and proximity of facilitators. Hence, making them highly dangerous.

In such a situation, people were left questioning how to take care of your skin?  How to get those massages and body relaxing services with the virus lurking everywhere? No matter how many SOPs get followed, the doubt of interacting with the virus has left wellness enthusiasts confused.

Fortunately, the year 2021 has brought forward a new trend of touchless spa services. These innovative services utilize vibrations, waves, and other technologies to make you feel better again.  Thanks to this trend, now you can even get bath bomb relaxing showers in your much-loved spa!

Respiratory Care

Another dominating health and wellness trend that we may witness blooming in 2021 is excessive respiratory care. That’s because coronavirus is airborne. Plus, even after recovery, it may leave patients with lung complications, requiring the patients to breathe in fresh and sanitized air.

Naturally, as people resume their regular life and head out to offices and institutions, we will see this fact dominating other cleanliness measures. Both individuals and companies will take their respective measures, such as arranging sophisticated air monitoring systems and air purification technology. The increased use of HEPA filters may mean possible changes in the market trends.

Talk about Death

Well, this trend may seem a little unsettling at first.  But, talking about death and how you wish to leave the world has brought up several wellness benefits. It helps by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Eradicating the uncertainties surrounding a post-death scenario
  • Overcoming the fear
  • Lessening regrets and increasing mental peace

This particular trend rose back in 2019 when the Global Wellness Institute started the Dying Well initiative. Their efforts helped the masses to become more comfortable about the topic. 

Medicinal Therapies

Drugs are gaining rapid popularity under medicinal therapies. In 2020, two states of the USA took initiatives to make psilocybin easily accessible. Oregon legalized, and Washington D.C. decriminalized this active ingredient present in the magic mushrooms.  

The CBD industry is also receiving appreciation and recognition as a physical and mental health booster. More research centers will conduct studies and tests around CBD products and their usage, which eventually will help in reducing CBD stigma and an increase in usage of products.  As a result, there will be more manufacturing of items like lotion, oil, and balms, etc.

Field specialists and experts are also making moves to bring Ketamine and Kratom as options for treating mental issues.  The trend indicates that more and more studies will get conducted on the drugs to look for potential advantages.

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