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7 Notable Entrepreneurs in the Health and Beauty Sectors

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  • These seven healthcare entrepreneurs are making a huge difference in their industries

With the help of top entrepreneurs in the health and beauty sectors, we’ve witnessed unprecedented growth in both industries. The business leaders have demonstrated their entrepreneurial intelligence by coming up with innovations that can transform the world.

Health and beauty industries are now crawling with super-inspiring entrepreneurs who are changing the scope of how medical communities and we take care of our bodies. They are creating a path to fulfill a healthier life for everyone across the world.

This guide will explore the lives and achievements of entrepreneurs who have shaped the health and beauty industries. You’ll also learn the brands they have created.

Top Entrepreneurs in the Health and Beauty Sectors

The health and beauty sectors have grown exponentially over the past few years and expected to continue growing. According to Orbis Research, the global cosmetic industry, which was worth US$532 billion in 2017, will be worth US$805 billion in 2023.

Here are the notable entrepreneurs to watch out for in the health and beauty sectors.

1.    Eugene Melnyk

Eugene Melnyk, Canada’s businessman and philanthropist, has contributed a lot to the health sector. He founded Biovail Corporation, Canada’s biggest publicly traded pharmaceutical firm at one time. However, Valeant Pharmaceuticals acquired it later.

One of the strategies used by Biovail Corporation was to reinvent drugs with expired patents by the company’s proprietary technologies. During his tenure as the CEO and chairman of Biovail, revenues rose from $19 million to 1.067 billion in 11 years.

Notably, Eugene also founded Neurolign Technologies Inc., a company that develops medical devices to diagnose and treat neurological disorders. He is the chairman and the CEO of Neurolign Inc., as featured on his website,

Eugene Melnyk is also the current owner of Clean Beauty Collective Inc., after acquiring it in 2009. The company’s mission is to develop and manufacture beauty products and fragrances for consumers who seek quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable products.

2.    Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss, an American businesswoman and founder of Glossier, a cosmetics company that she built from her blog “Into the Gloss.” By pioneering the consumer-led beauty concept, Weiss has become one of the beauty industry’s key figures.

The everyday users of beauty products have become experts in their ways, which has influenced the kinds of products manufactured to better their lives. Shopping for beauty products at Glossier is an incredible way to encounter a brand first-hand.

In 2015, Weiss featured in Forbes 30 Under 30. One of the factors contributing to her success is her focus on her customers and not following models that involved mega beauty brands dictating to customers the products to use and how to use them.

3.    Abhilash Patel

Patel has contributed a lot to the healthcare industry by co-founding Recovery Brands, which focuses on guiding consumers on searching for addiction treatments online. The firm even offers tools for treatment providers to market their facilities.

Patel’s company, Recovery Brands, owns several websites, including that provides online directories and facility ratings and reviews. The website also features forums and professional communities to help patients make informed decisions.

Patel has helped hundreds of thousands of people to connect to the treatments that meet their needs. In other ventures, Patel also founded RankLab, a digital marketing agency based in Santa Monica, California. He is also a philanthropist.

4.    Lee Kay

Lee Akay is the founder and current CEO of Fitgenetix, a company providing functional genomics for personalized precision fitness and health. Fitgenetix’s program works by combining genomic test results and personalized nutrition, and meal planning.

Akay’s Fitgenetix also provides personalized exercise plans, coaching, and DNA based meal delivery services. Their advanced genetic services platform integrates clinical data and lifestyle with genetic interpretation. Clients can also track their results.

Notably, Lee Akay was also a member of the HealthTech Center’s founding board. This company got established to educate and mobilize member organizations regarding the new trends in innovations and technologies aimed at improving healthcare.

5.    Sabrina Tan

Sabrina Tan, founder and CEO of Skin Inc., is a visionary game-changer in the beauty industry. Her company is one of the first brands to offer customizable skincare solutions. It gives consumers the chance to mix several serums to address multiple issues.

Sabrina’s skincare company combines beauty with technology to deliver 100 percent results. With its data-driven innovations, Skin Inc. leverages big data to improve product performance. It has millions of skin profiles from its proprietary Skin Identity Quiz.

Sabrina is the driving force of Skin Inc. and has contributed significantly to its success. The company now operates in over 100 cities in Europe, Asia, and the United States. It has won over 100 awards and featured in publications like Vogue and Refinery29.

6.    Kenneth (Kenny) Rozenberg

Kenneth Rozenberg is the founder and current CEO of Centers Health Care, one of the United States’ biggest continuums. The company has revolutionized healthcare experiences under Kenny’s leadership, making him an icon in the medical community.

Kenny launched Centers Health Care in 2002 after acquiring many struggling and underperforming nursing homes. Kenny completely renovated any new facility with the Centers banner. He created bright, cheerful environments using advanced technologies.

Currently, Centers Health Care is operating in more than 50 facilities across five states in the U.S. Besides nursing care, the organization has also ventured into other medical avenues such as managed care, home health care, urgent care, and medical transport.

7.    Nicole Simpson

As a highly motivated entrepreneur, Simpson has accomplished a lot in the aesthetics industry, including founding the Amethyst Beauty. She has proved her innovation and expertise in the beauty space by developing products that heal and protect the skin.

Simpson’s passion for skincare began when she was five years old. In her final year of high school, she made her first skincare mask using a combination of aloe vera and green tea. Simpson used it to treat and heal cystic acne that developed on her face.

Simpson founded Amethyst Skincare, which can protect the skin from skin stressors and environmental toxins. One of the products she has developed is the Blue Light. It’s a serum that helps to protect the skin from the long-term effects of digital aging.

Final Words

Entrepreneurs like Eugene Melnyk, Nicole Simpson, and Emily Weiss have taken the world of beauty and health by storm. These men and women have come up with novel innovations that have transformed the world. Other entrepreneurs in both sectors are Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, and Carina Chaz, founder of DedCool.

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