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A Guide To Healthy Aging And Happier Golden Years

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In her 1989 book “Tahitian Choreographies,” Vicki Corona wrote what soon became a legendary proverb: “Remember that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!” This should be the quintessential mantra of the elderly and a key to happy aging. As this guide to healthy aging demonstrates, it is not about the number of years under your belt but the quality of life you arrange for yourself. While there is hardly a universal book of written rules about contentment in the twilight years, a broad guide to healthy aging and happy years is always within arm’s reach for those that look for it.

Have a dynamic social life

Humanity is defined by its intricate and sophisticated social dynamics. Therefore, social engagement with your peers and your family is just as important as taking care of your physical health. It is an established medical fact that deep social relationships correlate with longer life spans. In contrast, solitary existence does not only cause depression, it also correlates with higher blood pressure and dangers of cardiovascular diseases. If you spend more time with your peers, you will also get a chance to meet someone special. If you are an elder, it does not mean that you should neglect your sex life or deny your sexuality. It is perfectly natural to feel attracted to someone and pursuing it may invigorate you with a newfound sense of life. Sex will keep you looking younger and it will definitely a way to regulate your sleep for the better. Finding a partner or going for a polyamorous arrangement is also one of the greater selling points of retirement homes.

Feel the Sun

If you are looking for the best conditions, you will discover an attention to detail that may even shock you in Mark Moran Vaucluse retirement homes. For example, it has become a widely accepted practice that the architects of these homes pay extra care to maximizing natural light, which greatly affects the mood of the elderly. Wherever the resort is located, the position of the houses is laid out according to the trail of the Sun. This only goes to show how important sunlight is for your health. A Guide to Healthy and Happy Aging Unfortunately, elderly people tend to retreat a lot more to the shady interiors the older they get, so do your best to break out of that mold and enjoy as much sun as possible. Of course, sunbathe with a layer of skin protection cream slapped onto your face for good measure and a nice lightweight hat on your head, especially if you live in the predominantly warm corners of the world like Australia.

Dietary habits

Eating a rich and balanced diet is important no matter the age, but as you get older, it becomes even more crucial to keep your menu throughout the day as diverse as possible. It is much healthier to eat smaller meals and have snacks that are rich in fruits. In addition, you should keep your diet low-carb and limit yourself to whole grains. Lean protein (like chicken meat, seafood and eggs) is recommended along with low-fat dairy products. Dairy products are important just like the sunlight for maintaining a healthy intake of vitamin D which becomes more crucial as we age. Above all else – stay hydrated! Always remind yourself to drink a glass of water whenever you feel a hint of thirst and don’t ever get into the habit of staying parched throughout the day. Liquids have to flow through your body to keep it maintained, so keep flushing those toxins!

Always go for a regular checkup

Monitoring your health should become a habit while you are in your prime, but it becomes an unavoidable necessity when you reach old age. Therefore, it is best if you acquired the habit of going for regular checkups long before your retirement. Your doctor will know the history of your health issues and, if you cooperate openly and honestly, you will be able to prevent some truly serious issues or, at the very least, detect them on time.

Final Thoughts: It’s All About Perspective

As you add years to your life, the greatest challenge you will face is far more acute than a number of ailments and chronic issues you might be facing. As you consult your personal guide to healthy aging, you need to reach deep within yourself and prioritize things that really matter and living according to the ideals that fill you with joy. It can be a challenge, especially if you feel lost. However, if you feel insecure and overwhelmed with challenges, you can always reiterate what has been stated at the very beginning – it is all about making the years count for something!

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