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ACO Prescription: Cure or Disease? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What are your thoughts on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)? We want to know.

What are your thoughts on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)? We want to know.

Do ACOs provide benefits?

Do ACOs reduce healthcare spending?

Do ACOs increase coordination of care?

Do ACOs increase quality?

Are ACOs  here to stay or merely a stepping stone to the end-all, be-all, Value Based Purchasing?

What challenges are you facing?

What successes have you witnessed?

Are there marketable differences in terms of results between Medicare and Medicaid ACOs?

Are there differences in terms of results between Pioneer and Shared Savings?

How do bundled payments relate to ACOs?

Do hospital based ACOs outperform other types of ACOs?

Below is an infographic which provides the basics surrounding ACOs, including what ACOs can and can’t do. 

What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?
Source: National Pharmaceutical Council

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