Act on Oncology [VIDEO]

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Act on Oncology from Patient Power on Vimeo.

Act on Oncology from Patient Power on Vimeo.

In this age of medical specialization there is a critical need for new processes to coordinate care in more efficient ways. This benefits the healthcare organization, its providers and patients. In cancer care this is especially needed where a patient, for example, may be treated by a surgeon, a medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist or more. In this video, hosted by HealthWorks Collective advisory board member Andrew Schorr, a cancer patient himself, two experts from Siemens Healthcare — Dr. Wieland Voigt, Associate Professor, Head of Clinical Competence Center Oncology, Principal Key Expert Oncology; and Dr. Christian R. Becker, MD, Senior Consultant, Siemens Healthcare Consulting — explain “Act on Oncology” as an approach to make cancer care optimized for today’s patient and healthcare organization.

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