Andy Lurie

Andy Lurie is an accomplished, results-oriented marketing professional with strong experience in marketing, advertising, brand positioning, event, and promotion management. With expertise in the healthcare industry, specifically focused on workflow optimization.
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Providing Mental Health To Your Local Community with Technology

New technology has been highly valuable for healthcare providers trying to offer…

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The Evolution of Cost for LASIK Eye Surgery: :Accessibility and Advancements

LASIK eye surgery can offer a ton of great benefits, but you…

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4 Great Reasons to Pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Health

There are over 18 million healthcare professionals in the United States. While…

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Varicose Veins Prevention: 3 Lifestyle Changes to Make Right Now

We have talked at length about some of the common causes of…

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What Does Telemedicine Mean for the Future of Affordable Healthcare?

Healthcare in the United States has undergone a number of major changes…

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