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Abstinence-only education has failed; let’s embrace what works instead

In 2003, I encountered my first abstinence-only sex education program in Arizona.…

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Blister Pack Adoption Increases Medication Adherence, Save Lives

The United States health care system proves that cost doesn’t always equate…

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Pros, Cons of mHealth Fitness Devices in Health Care

  The old adage of regular, moderate exercise and a proper diet…

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Robot Scientists Offer New Drug Discoveries, Improved Research Efficiency

Leading technology entrepreneurs and scientists are urging researchers to be cautious when…

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mHealth Device Data to Eliminate Annual Checkup, Improve Disease Research

Imagine you're a 30-year-old who eats healthily, exercises regularly, doesn’t use tobacco products or drink…

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Why Boeing’s ACO Experiment Needs to Succeed

It’s no big secret that America’s healthcare system leaves a lot to be…

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