Public Health

Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First

malpani - October 10, 2011

All of us will be patients some day. What can we do to ensure that we get the best medical care when we fall ill?Information Therapy –…

Global Healthcare

E-patients – Engaged, Empowered, and Enabled : One Patient’s Story

malpani - October 8, 2011

It’s fitting that in a book which talks about how we can use Information Therapy to put patients first , the last word goes to the most…

Medical Education

PATIENT RESPONSE: Giving Voice to the Patient

malpani - October 1, 2011

Dr Jones runs a thriving cardiology practice. Apart from being a very competent doctor and an expert in his field, there’s an all-important ingredient in his formula…

Global Healthcare

Information Therapy for Non-Communicable Diseases

malpani - September 29, 2011

The Times of India reported that India is planning to roll out the world’s largest non-communicable diseases drive. As many as 26 "mini interventions" will make up…

Medical Education

Handling Death – Use of the GRIEV_ING Mnemonic

malpani - September 27, 2011

It can be hard for doctors to give bad news , especially when a patient dies. Using the GRIEV_ING mnemonic can help you do a better job…

Medical Education

When Patients Complain

malpani - September 23, 2011

It’s no fun when patients are unhappy and have complaints. No one likes dealing with patient complaints , which is why they are often ignored . Even…

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How I Prescribe Information Therapy in My Practice

malpani - September 21, 2011

My patients, Mr and Mrs Gupta, are sitting in the waiting lounge of my clinic, awaiting their turn. The usual gamut of magazines is in front of…