Health Reform

Obama Offers Olive Branch to GOP Governors on Reform Provision

MichaelDouglas1 - February 28, 2011

The Tea Partiers and GOP continue to refer to the ACA as Obamacare. (Today, in a speech to a bipartisan cadre of governors in DC for their…

Health Reform

NY Governor’s Plan for Trimming Medicaid Costs within Budget Nets Early Win

MichaelDouglas1 - February 25, 2011

Starting with a capped proposal on Medicaid spending, an advisory committee appointed by NY state governor Andrew Cuomo has approved reductions in services covered by the entitlement.…

Health Reform

Budget Office Releases New Projection on Effect of Repeal of Reform Law

MichaelDouglas1 - February 24, 2011

What does the Congressional Budget Office think that repeal of the ACA would do to the current fed budget? According to the CBO, projecting to 2021, the…

Health Reform

Hospitals Get Early Start on Medicare Reform Sector

MichaelDouglas1 - February 21, 2011

Ripple effect of reform? Perhaps, but in light of the federal government’s push to eliminate waste in Medicare, one arena in which costs are paid out in…

Medical Ethics

Miami Medicare Fraud Bust Easily Tops July 2010 Net

MichaelDouglas1 - February 18, 2011

Who knew Miami was the Medicare fraud capital of the country? An enormous net of Medicare malfeasance was cast, involving over 100 nurses, physicians, and executives colluding…

Health Reform

Obama and Budget Director Certain on Most Facets of ’12 Budget (Just Don’t Ask About Medicare & Medicaid)

MichaelDouglas1 - February 17, 2011

President Obama has referred to Medicare and Medicaid as the “two biggest drivers of long term deficit growth”. So it’s no surprise that the 2012 Budget addresses…

Health Reform

The Department of Health and Human Services Makes Effort to Increase PCIP Rolls

MichaelDouglas1 - February 14, 2011

By the close of 2010, the Obama administration had hoped that roughly 375000 healthcare consumers would take advantage of the national high-risk insurance pool, known as the…

Policy & Law

CMS Chief Answers to Congress, Provides Few Details on Reform’s Early Progress

MichaelDouglas1 - February 11, 2011

The first opportunity for the House to fire questions at Obama recess appointee (to CMS head) Donald Berwick, MD took place yesterday. Berwick took the time to…

Policy & Law

Klein: Decision on Individual Mandate Could Come Down to Kennedy

MichaelDouglas1 - February 10, 2011

Prognostications and general predictions aside, the often polarized nature of the SCOTUS lends itself to easy expectations of the high court’s decisions on many key issues. Hot…

Health Reform

SCOTUS to Hear Case Involving Governor’s Proposal to Cut Payments for Providers to California’s Medicaid Patients

MichaelDouglas1 - February 7, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide if doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and others who provide services to California Medi-Cal recipients can have their payments cut by the state.…