Budget Office Releases New Projection on Effect of Repeal of Reform Law

August 23, 2017

What does the Congressional Budget Office think that repeal of the ACA would do to the current fed budget? According to the CBO, projecting to 2021, the deficit would increase by over $200B in those first 10 years. [PDF, page 2] Also,

The enacted legislation will increase federal revenues (apart from the effect of provisions related to insurance coverage), mostly by increasing the Hospital Insurance payroll tax and imposing fees on certain manufacturers and insurers. Repealing those provisions would reduce revenues by an estimated $520 billion over the 2012-2021 period.

The report also goes on to note an increase in Medicare and Medicaid spending due to repeal of payment reductions (as provided by the reform law) to hospitals, MA plans, and other services would lead to net increases by at least $57B over the period. GOP lawmakers will probably continue to dispute these findings as they continue to pledge for repeal of at least parts of the law. But does that actually mean the party plans to increase the federal deficit by $210B over the next decade?