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Sudhir Singh is a marketer and blogger. He's passionate about marketing, disruptive technology, personal development, and inspiring others. He loves breakfast writing, traveling and exploring are his biggest passions. When he isn't working, I am with the book in front of my dog or on the dance floor.He also enjoys meeting new people and welcomes you to engage with him on social media on Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Keep Learning, Never be afraid to chase your dreams- "limits exist only in your stupid mind."
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The AMA Will Release 335 CPT Code Updates Next Year

  September is here, and with it comes the annual release of…

Sudhir Singh Sudhir Singh

Tackle Telemedicine Coding With These CPT® and CMS Pointers

  An April 2018 OIG report on telehealth claims revealed CMS has…

Sudhir Singh Sudhir Singh

EHR For Rural Hospitals: Criteria And Access

  Rural hospitals are struggling more than ever because of the ever-changing…

Sudhir Singh Sudhir Singh