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6 Benefits of Robotic Surgery

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Colon cancer is the development of malignant lump in the interior wall of the large intestine or rectum. It is one of the leading deaths of cancer. When the walls of the large intestines get infected, the patient suffers from diverticulitis Due to this, doctors have come up with Da Vinci surgical system to help reduce the number of deaths. Here are the six benefits of robotic surgery to the patients.

Reduced Pain

This type of surgery includes small cuts being the reason why there are little pain and less damage. When compared to traditional surgery where there were deep incisions, and more damage, this type of operation is far much better. The robotic surgery enables the doctor to do the tricky operational job through small cuts using robotic machinery. The robot?s hands are very skilled. They permit the operator to work in exceedingly tight areas of the body that could only require incisions, which lead to damage.

Less Blood Loss

In the case of long incisions, there is a lot of blood loss. Due to the tiny cuts, the patient only loses very less blood. It is advantageous because the patient is not likely to die from too much bleeding. Due to a better optical field, the surgeon can see the part he is operating very well. The improvised camera shows a clear view of the sick body part. The operator can see the tiny organs well leading to a short period of operation. Hence, the surgery is perfect and has no complications.

Lower Risk Of Infection

The robotic surgery involves small cuts which heal very fast. This quick recovery of the wounds is the reason why there is a little risk of infection or complication after the operation. Also, the doctor sits far away from the patient in a comfortable posture that he can see the operating instruments without straining. It leads to faultless surgery because no part of the sick person gets tampered with in the wrong way.

Short Stay in Hospital

It is as a result of the small cuts and the less blood a patient lost. In case it would be a deep incision, it means that the wound will take a long time to heal and also there is a risk of death due to too much blood loss. Again, the organs and tissues do not get tampered with, and hence the patient can go home some short time after being operated.

Quick Return To Regular Activities

A robotic surgery scar is very tiny hence it does not affect the patient?s normal activities. You can even barely notice that a patient has a scar as compared to the one who underwent a deep incision. The colon cancer surgery affects activities including urinary continence, but after undergoing a robotic operation, the patient will be able to back on ordinary doings very quickly.

Less Complications

It is due to the small incisions. The surgeon controls the surgical instrument while sitting beside the patient’s bed. The doctor’s hand, finger and wrist motions are conducted through the supercomputer support to the machine connected to the robot’s hands. The copied movement enables full control of the operator hence there is no likelihood of a mistake during the surgery. It also contributes to fewer problems because the surgeon has maximum power. This perfection also ensures minimal bleeding and the operated part heals after a short time. It ensures that there a fewer or no problems.In conclusion, it is true that the robotic surgery system has many benefits as compared to the past colon and rectum surgeries. All credit goes to the doctors who invented it because they are saving many lives. I hope in future that this type of operating system will be able to reach all the parts of the world to save lives.

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