Best Hospital to Treat Prostate Cancer

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Cancer is just a diagnosis. This statement is also applicable to prostate cancer, in which timely detection and correct treatment allow getting rid of the disease.

Which treatment methods for prostate cancer are out there?

The conventional treatment regimens for prostate cancer include surgery (prostatectomy), radiation therapy, and certain types of chemotherapy.

If the disease is detected at the early stages, then one of the most common and effective methods of treatment is surgery.

External radiation therapy destroys prostate cancer cells but may affect the surrounding healthy tissues. Internal radiation therapy, i.e. brachytherapy, has a local therapeutic effect on the tumor. When the disease is detected at the early stage and the tumor is low-aggressive, the technique is effective and can stop the development of prostate cancer.

Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy for prostate cancer has demonstrated good results in prostate cancer patients, including those with tumors that are resistant to other types of treatment. Clinical trials conducted in different countries confirm that Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy is an effective, well-tolerated, and safe method of treatment.

The choice of the most appropriate treatment option should be based on a careful analysis of possible advantages and disadvantages, which are determined by the patient’s age, general health condition, and personal preferences.

TOP-10 best hospitals for prostate cancer treatment

The following medical centers are considered the best hospitals in the world for the treatment of prostate cancer:

  1. Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch, Germany
  2. Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul, Turkey
  3. University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
  4. Medipol Mega University Hospital Istanbul, Turkey
  5. University Hospital Ulm, Germany
  6. Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg Munich, Germany
  7. Primus Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi, India
  8. University Hospital Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  9. Charite University Hospital Berlin, Germany
  10.  University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

The effectiveness of medical treatment of prostate cancer in Germany is associated with the following advantages of German medicine:

  • Precise diagnostics, which is necessary for the correct assessment of the treatment tactic
  • Use of minimally invasive treatment methods, which is especially important in case of treatment of elderly patients
  • Use of the latest techniques
  • High-quality medications
  • High level of rehabilitation medicine
  • Comfortable staying in clinics, that contributes to the recovery of patients

So, when you choose medical treatment in Germany, you choose the best price-quality ratio of medical care and you can be sure that your chances of recovery are maximal.

Best hospital to treat prostate cancer

Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch rightfully deserves to be considered the best hospital to treat prostate cancer in.

The cancer center provides a full range of diagnostics for prostate cancer, and treatment with radical prostatectomy, conventional radiation therapy, brachytherapy, high intensity focused ultrasound, transurethral prostate electroresection, and Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy.

Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch treats thousands of patients every year, helping them overcome various medical conditions with the latest and most innovative treatment technologies.

How to get prostate cancer treatment in the best hospitals in the world?

Treating prostate cancer abroad you receive the best therapy possible. However, it is important to choose the right hospital and healthcare professional.

The situation with pandemic and the lockdown has affected health care systems throughout the world. Hospitals listed on the Booking Health website continue their work. Besides, arranging your treatment with Booking Health is much easier than doing it on your own. Booking Health offers services that consider all treatment aspects.

The most amazing thing is that with Booking Health you still have a chance to treat prostate cancer in the best hospitals in the world even during the lockdown!

To learn more about treatment programs and hospitals, leave a request on the Booking Health website so that a medical advisor could assist you.

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