Blogging for Your Healthcare Practice in 2016

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Like healthcare website design, blogging for your healthcare practice has new trends to follow in 2016. Whether you already have a blog for your practice or were thinking about starting one, these trends should be top of mind this year to ensure your posts are effectively marketing your practice online:

Be Mindful of User Needs

According to the American Marketing Association, intent is key when it comes to content and SEO optimization in 2016. With user experience a main factor in how search engines rank websites, it’s important to do more than litter your blog posts with keywords. When someone types in a query into a search engine, what questions should you be answering in your post to ensure that your page comes up first? Are your potential patients finding the answers to their questions on your site or do they have to scroll through more results? Adjusting your content to address these user concerns will help keep you on trend in 2016.

Long-Form Content Is Key

When it comes to original content this year, more detailed posts are key to staying on trend. Did you know that longer posts between 1,200 and 1,500 words perform better in searches on search engine sites like Google? Not every post has to match that word count. But when you update your healthcare marketing plan for 2016, consider adding more long-form posts into your content creation schedule.

More Content Is Better

According to some blogging statistics for this year, websites that have a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages. More blog posts provides more information for search engines to crawl through and index so that you can increase your SEO ranking. Are you updating your blog enough in 2016? Should you be adding more content to your schedule to add more pages to your website?

Add Images

Did you know that blog posts with images get 94% more view than those that don’t? Not only will you get more page view with this strategy, it will also help make your posts more engaging, which will also enhance overall user experience on your site.

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