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ChickRx – Expert Medical Advice To Get Happy, Healthy & Hot

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The best way to describe ChickRx, a new medical advice website, is to have you think about what would happen if WebMD met Cosmo.  Instead of a dry, rather boring presentation of facts, facts, facts, you have a dynamic question and answer format peppered with fun stories and photos and even more fun questions and answers.

The site was founded by two twenty-something Harvard MBAs, Stacey Borden and Meghan Muntean.  As they told the audience at Rock Health’s Demo Day, this is a site designed by women for women.  I would alter this statement slightly and say that ChickRx was designed by young women for young women – although guys and older folks are certainly welcome too.

Stacey Borden & Meghan Muntean, ChickRx co-founders

Because the target demographic is young women, it shouldn’t be a surprise that “Popular Topics’ include celebrities, weight loss (and gain), birth control, and “the dating game.”  Nor that the Q&As focus on sex, drugs (think contraceptives), and rock ‘n roll (aka celebrities).   Users generate the questions and some of the answers.  And, they may do so anonymously if they like (click on the Ask Secretly button).    Here are some examples:

Q: Should you avoid sleeping with a guy on the first date?  Even if you really want to…(Anonymous)

A. If he is a perfect 10 surfer, in town for one night from New Zealand, then I say go for it!   If you are a 7 or 8 and find your “7.5″ soulmate, be wary, even if you like the same bands and OKCupid algorithms insist your a perfect match.  Make those guys work for it.  Or they will lose interest, and you won’t get any steak dinners.  Avoid having more than 2 drinks of alcohol on a date if you’re not with friends.   No girl has ever regretted having waited, and I hope that does not come across as sexist or cheesy.  Hope that helps, and be safe :) !  LizC

The community can comment on the comments as Josephine R did:

“LOVE LizC’s answer! In my opinion, you are always better off waiting. I know so many guys who have much more respect for a girl if she makes him work for it. Frankly, I like the thought of gaining a bit of control/power, and holding out is one way to do that. Plus you know that if you hold out, if you do decide to sleep with him, it’s because you’ve given it more thought (and are, hopefully, less likely to regret it!).”

Some of the answers are from “Top Experts,” such as physicians, dieticians, relationship counselors, and fitness coaches.  Browsing the “Expert Directory” reveals that almost all of the experts are women (young women)  although a couple of guys are sprinkled in here and there.  You can click on the Expert’s name and read her bio as well as the answers to questions she has posted.

Nuts and Volts

The articles are fun and cleverly written.  ”Nuts and Volts” is the title of a post that describes research on new approach to male contraception.  We learn that repeated application of high frequency ultrasound around the testes reduced sperm counts in lab rats to levels well below those of fertile men.  Sounds promising the writer says.  She closes by saying,

“This is very exciting news for those of us dying to get off the pill. But we won’t hold our breath until they come up with a new way of saying, “We’re going to put a current on your balls.” It’s hard to get a dude to even go to the dentist…”

I think you get the point.  ChickRx is a fun way to get medical advice – partiulary if you are 20-something.   I highly recommend you mosey on over to the site (BTW, my little chickadees, that is >50-something language for “check it out”).


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