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Consumer Survey for P2P Network – We Need Your Help

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The Consumer Consortium for Advancing Person-Centered Living is launching the Person-to-Person Network (P2P), a resource for caregivers, families and elders.

We need your help. As you seek information or resources to assist you or a loved one with a particular issue or decision you are facing, it is important that we understand what matters most to you.

We’d like you to review our website, www.ccal.org and give us your feedback.

We want to know what is most relevant and valuable to you.

In reviewing the website your feedback on content, navigation and understanding is important.

When finished reviewing the web site, go here to take a brief survey.

Your responses will remain anonymous.

Please complete by Wednesday, September 21.

As people grow older or have disabilities they should not experience a loss of humanity. Person Centered Living (PCL) means living as one chooses to. If support is needed, supports are centered on personal preferences and values that stress dignity, choice, self-determination, respect, privacy, and individuality. PCL means being kind, respectful, and sensitive to those being served and honoring their right to make their own choices, regardless of the setting.

We thank you for your time and your responses.

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