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8 Things in Your Home that Pose Serious Health Risks

If you are like many, you’re probably still spending more time at…

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Should You Consider Using A Water Filter? Here’s What To Know

Drinking water safety varies greatly based on where you live, and a…

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The Correlation Between Home Hygiene And Resident Health

  The term “hygiene” refers to the practice adopted by us for…

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The Planet’s Healthiest Foods – Everything You Have To Know

Amongst the many thousands of various foods the world supplies, most consist…

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Consumer Survey for P2P Network – We Need Your Help

The Consumer Consortium for Advancing Person-Centered Living is launching the Person-to-Person Network…

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Alzheimer’s Preventable with Lifestyle Changes

New research suggests that nearly half of worldwide Alzheimer's disease cases can…

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More on Caregiving Costs and Toll

The AARP Public Policy Institute has released a

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New Guide For Male Caregivers Available

A new book, Who Says Men Don't Care? is written specifically for…

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Supplements May Improve Memory

  Adults who take vitamin and mineral supplements such as vitamins C…

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Elder Financial Abuse Spikes 12% Since 2008

Older Americans are losing $2.9 billion annually to elder financial abuse, a…

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