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COVID Cavities: Why Cavities and Tooth Decay Is Increasing Among Youth

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  • You can go through life without ever getting a single cavity. It all depends on you choosing to have the right habits and diet.

Most people don’t realize it, but your teeth are an essential part of having a successful life. Most people will base their decision on whether they like you or not based on your smile. Beautiful teeth lead to a lot of success, as you are more confident and willing to smile. An ugly smile can potentially lead to you being known as a serious person. This might not be negative, but it could potentially cause you problems in the future. A huge problem that leads to bad teeth is a cavity. Many people think cavities are inevitable, but this could not be further from the truth. You can go through life without ever getting a single cavity. It all depends on you choosing to have the right habits and diet.

What Is Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the process that happens inside your mouth when the bacteria there turns carbohydrates into acid. That acid slowly eats down your tooth enamel, and that eventually leads to a huge hole forming inside your teeth. It is one of the most common dental problems in the modern world, and it can lead to lifelong issues for people. The big thing you need to understand is that diet has a huge influence on whether your teeth decay or not. The bacteria that causes tooth decay is usually caused by eating starchy foods. This is why making sure kids eat a healthy diet is so crucial to their development and happiness. One thing you need to do is to get a deeper understanding of the process that the bacteria uses to destroy your child’s enamel.

Is It Different in Children?

The reason why cavities are so bad for children is that it leads to lifelong problems. The majority of people won’t go their entire lives without eating sugary foods. The earlier someone has teeth problems, the more teeth problems they will have in the future. It also means that they will live a more complicated life with a lot more pain. Going to the dentist is something that the majority of children don’t like, and that is due to the amount of pain they feel when they go there. However, the fact that your child will have dental problems means that they are getting really bad habits. You might need to take them to a smile design Tampa dentist to ensure that they have no problems in the future.

Why It’s Crucial to Prevent It in Children

For all the reasons mentioned above, you will need to make sure that the children have no cavities. The cavities will only get worse in the future, so you need to avoid all the foods that could potentially cause it. You also need to improve their habits, which is something that could take a long time. However, it is worth doing, as you will spend a lot more money if you don’t. Teeth problems usually only get worse as time goes on, and eventually, your children will start to lose teeth. That is a huge problem because they will also lose confidence along with their teeth.

Which Children Are Most at Risk?

The dietary habits of parents will be the deciding risk factor for the kids. The biggest reason that children have a lot of cavities is that you feed them sugary foods and drinks. For example, the children that eat a lot of sugary sodas, sweets, and cakes will have the worst teeth. You also have the habits that the parent teaches the kid. For example, the parent doesn’t brush at least twice a day. This is one of the difficult periods the parent needs to go through and make sure that this becomes a habit. The parent will also need to make sure that the child understands what cavities are and how they develop. The parent might also need to take them to a smile design Tampa dentist to ensure that they solve whatever problems there are before it gets worse.


The major symptom of dental cavities is a black mark on the teeth. It literally looks like the teeth are rotting from the inside out. Eventually, there will be a huge hole in the teeth from where that black mark was eating it out. This is something you need to take care of before it gets worse.

Why Is It Increasing Among Kids?

So why is it increasing in kids because of the coronavirus? The main reason has to do with the stay-at-home orders and the availability of food. Most parents are now trying to focus as much as possible on finding work. They don’t have work, so they are stressing out. That leads to them feeding their children food that is less than ideal. People are also spending a lot more money on fast food, so this has potential risk factors.

Preventing Tooth Decay in Kids

The easiest way to prevent tooth decay is to maintain good dental hygiene and diet. The kids should be eating a diet that is low in processed foods. They should be brushing their teeth at least twice per day, and they should also be flossing just as often. These habits will enable the kids to get away from potentially getting a cavity.

Treating It

Unfortunately, the only way you’re going to repair and remove a cavity is to have it filled. That means having the dentist drill and remove the enamel and then filling it with something else. One of the major problems with this is the filling will usually fall out in the future. That is why you need to avoid the cavity in the first place.

What To Do in the Future?

The coronavirus will eventually leave, which means the problems that led to an increase in cavities will go away. However, it might continue if the habits that it created continue. This is why effective dental education will be the key to a brighter future.

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