Crafting for Wellbeing: The Benefits of Getting Creative

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The pressures of modern-day living can sometimes feel overwhelming, the non-stop world of technology, social media, and never-ending emails can become extremely stressful. It?s important to give yourself adequate time to unwind and de-stress in order to take care of your mental health. Crafting is the perfect antidote for taking yourself away from daily life and enabling your mind to wander into a peaceful, immersive state whilst enjoying a new hobby. Crafts such as ceramics, knitting, crochet, needlework and canvas painting can help you boost your wellbeing. A study undertaken in 2017 on the impact of knitting also states that crafting is great for your health, so why not give it a go? There are many benefits to picking up the knitting needles or paintbrush? Crafting is a Natural Feel-Good High Did you know that crafting can help to alleviate depression? When we?re being creative, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine which is a natural anti-depressant. There is even evidence to suggest that by participating in creative activities, you can help to reduce cognitive impairment which is typically associated with getting older. If you want to give your mental wellbeing a non-medicinal boost, then crafting is a fabulous option. With this in mind, it might be time to head to a specialist such as Homecrafts, pick up a few paintbrushes and let your creativity run wild. Crafting Can Expand Your Social Network Crafting can also open you up to a totally new social circle, so why not research local classes? You could partake in a pottery class or join a local knitting group. As we get older, it becomes harder to strike up new friendships, meeting new people and getting out of the house is great for both your physical and mental health. You can learn a new skill, make new friends and feel a sense of belonging, all of which are great for your mental wellbeing. Crafting Can Give You a Focus We?re all guilty of sitting on the sofa after a day at work and endlessly scrolling. Hopping from Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter and repeat. Consuming social media in this way is not good for your mental health and the comparison game can be dangerous. Remember, social media is simply a highlight reel of other people?s lives and is often not a true reflection of daily life. Crafting can give you a focus, and take your mind away from the perils of social media. Crafting Gives You a Sense of Achievement That feeling of achieving a new goal, or finishing off an ongoing project can be a real mood-booster. Even as adults, we should never stop learning! Getting stuck into a new hobby and building on your skillset is a truly great feeling. When you finally master a new technique or complete a masterpiece creation you can enjoy revelling in that feeling of success. Crafting Can Open Up New Opportunities You may decide to develop your new skills from a hobby, to a career! Crafting opens the door up to many opportunities and could end up becoming an additional source of income for you if you decide to set up shop and sell your creations. Join thousands of crafty entrepreneurs making a living on Etsy and enjoy an extra stream of income from selling your masterpieces.

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