Extra Precautions To Safely Navigate The Restrictions Of The Pandemic

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  • Your health and safety depend on your ability to take the right precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the spread of the virus has yet to diminish, the pandemic drags on into the second year of increasing infections, a rising death toll, and ongoing rolling lockdowns worldwide. Even with the release of a vaccine, vaccine rollouts have yet to spark herd immunity, and the World Health Organization has yet to recommend that we should let our guard down and go back to everyday life as it was before covid19 swept the globe. People have been forced to look for ways to stay healthier, including getting more exercise. But health risks continue to loom over our heads.

Unfortunately, there really is no guessing when we will go back to a normal life. Until then, it is best to continue conforming to the pandemics restrictions and lend a helpful hand in mitigating the spread of the virus and avoiding contraction. While following the standard health and safety recommendations of social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing your hands often, we have listed a few extra precautions that you can take to maximize your protection from the virus.

Purchase Home Testing Kits

The vast majority of the world population has experienced symptoms of covid19 at one point or another and found themselves wondering if they simply imagine the signs or if they have contracted the virus. Going back and forth to the doctor or nearest hospital can be daunting, especially if you have minor symptoms or only one or two symptoms of the virus and you have not likely contracted the virus. Unfortunately, there is no way of genuinely knowing without getting tested, and you don’t want to be a potential culprit for spreading the virus to loved ones. Instead of shrugging off any symptoms you have noticed, you should purchase a saliva test kit or even a few to keep at home and safely test yourself. Keeping some of these accurate tests at home will enable you to remove any doubt that you have contracted the virus.

Avoid Public Transport Options

No doubt, public transport could be a breeding ground for covid19 as trains, buses, and other forms of public transport are often crowded despite the regulations. While social distances encourage us to keep a safe distance of at least six feet when traveling on a train, the general standard of distancing is less than this, and the same is true for buses. If you haven’t got your own vehicle, you should instead consider opting for private taxi cabs that have taken measures to keep passengers safe. The popular Uber driving service has adjusted their app and their vehicles to conform to restrictions. Even though traveling in a private taxi will cost a bit more, you will effectively protect yourself from the virus by considering the extra precaution.

Shop At Smaller Malls And Avoid Busy Hours

While online shopping is definitely the safest way to get your groceries and anything else you need, there can be a few solid reasons why you need to venture out to the local shop. Even though most shopping malls and retailers have taken precautions by providing sanitizers and encouraging social distancing, during busy hours, customers tend to overlook the new rules, and shops quickly become crowded spaces with complete disregard for social distancing. Instead of exposing yourself, you should only visit shops during quiet hours and consider retailers that are generally less busy.

Keep Your Circle Small

It won’t help much if you only attend suitably small gatherings if you are attending various small meetings where the guest list is always different. Minimizing the number of people you come into contact with helps manage the spread of the virus, so keep your circle small and avoid social gatherings where there are more than six guests from two different households. It would be best to consider keeping in contact with friends and family via online channels that allow video calling. Even though you can’t lock yourself up in your home until the pandemic is over, you should reduce your visits and only come into contact with the same people when socializing.

Consider Online Doctor Consultations

Hospitals and doctors’ rooms are already struggling to manage the increasing infection rates and rising death toll. However, even if your local doctor seems to be a quiet place, it goes without saying that anyone that has contracted the virus is likely to consult their local doctor. Therefore, healthcare facilities are hotspots where your chances of contracting covid19 will increase dramatically. However, you can’t avoid the doctor altogether as we all have healthcare needs. Switching to online consultations for script renewals and any other health concerns you may have is the safest option. You can also consider online therapy consultations as healthcare practitioners worldwide are changing their methods to suit the restrictions of the pandemic.

Enhance Your Hygiene Standards

Good hygiene has always been important for everyone, although it’s even more crucial now. Even though you are likely sanitizing your hands each time you enter a shop or leave your home, you should also practice good hygiene when wearing a face mask. You should not wear the same face mask more than once, even if it is washable. Your face mask needs to be washed thoroughly after each use and replaced when any signs of wear and tear appear. You need to sanitize your hands before entering any premises and again when exiting. In addition, you should not touch common surfaces at all, such as shop counters, stair railings, door handles, and others. Washing your hands thoroughly in warm water with an antibacterial soap is also essential while you must shower or bath as soon as returning from any public areas.

Keeping yourself safe from the virus is possible when following recommendations and considering extra precautions. If you notice any covid19 symptoms, it is best to immediately have yourself tested and contact your healthcare provider immediately if your home test is positive. What’s more, as the vaccine has been released, you should enquire with your healthcare provider and have the vaccine as soon as possible to help the world build herd immunity and abolish the virus altogether.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you have adequate air circulation in your home and workplace. This can help reduce the spread considerably.

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