Family Favourites – Trusted Products All New Parents Need

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  It’s safe to say that all parents want the very best for their child. So we juggle intense online research and impassioned shopping alongside all the other tiny mayhems that accompany parenthood. But amidst all the clutter of baby shops and online stores across the globe, there are some products that are undeniable necessities for all new parents, and we’ve compiled the best of them right here. Read on to discover all about these family favourites.

Best formula: Uganic Baby Infant Formula

A home-grown Aussie gem, Uganic baby formula has roots so pure and deep that they can name their dairy cows! Uganic’s dairy farms and manufacturing facilities are also all Australian Certified Organic, so you know you’re getting the best possible locally-grown resources for your little one. But Uganic aren’t just praised for being incredibly family-friendly and environmentally conscious. They’re also big on nutrition, with all the formulas boasting substantial levels of DHA (omega 3) and probiotics to support your baby’s immune development. And with their tidy range, you can ensure that your baby’s formula feeding stays nice and consistent.

Best baby body wash: Little Innoscents Organic Spearmint and Sweet Orange Hair and Body Wash

Looking for an organic baby body wash that doesn’t actually have a list full of ingredients that are impossible to pronounce? We’re talking nasty little chemicals like SLS, parabens, and other nasty petrochemicals that can cause a number of skin issues, especially in cases that involve soft and sensitive baby skin. It’s always best to use organic, naturally-derived products when it comes to baby’s bathtime, and Little Innoscents’ Organic Spearmint and Sweet Orange Hair and Body Wash certainly stands out from the crowd, particularly because of its soft lather and deliciously natural scent. This soft and gentle Australian-made hair and body wash is packed full of the finer things without a premium price, and so it should definitely become a staple in your baby’s bathtime routine.

Best comforter collection: Kippins baby comforters

Aside from their incredibly soft textures and the fact that they’re made with 100% organic cotton, the most fantastic thing about the Kippins collection has to be the level of detail that’s been placed into the creation of these gorgeous, little comforters. Kippins baby comforters and the little characters they’re modelled off, are all incredibly unique, so there’s bound to be a comforter that’s perfectly aligned with your baby’s personality. These comforters are also naturally hypoallergenic and totally chew-friendly, so you don’t need to toss and turn throughout the night, worrying about your baby’s personal comfort. They’ll be blissfully asleep, cuddled up in their little cotton comforter!

Best toy: Winkel

It can be tricky finding a toy that can promote both sensory and motor development, but it has to be said that the folks at Manhattan Toy have really hit the nail right on the head with their Winkel range. The eclectic and borderline abstract arrangement of different coloured criss-crossing quality polyurethane ropes makes this toy a treat for any baby’s budding imagination, and can provide hours upon hours of entertainment alongside promoting some of your baby’s most vital physiological and neurological developments. Watch your little bub grab and pull at different ropes, trying to undo this endless knot of a toy, or look for any sense of a pattern amidst all the chaos of colour. And as for biting and pulling, you can feel totally at ease with your baby’s interactions with the Winkel as this toy is certifiably teething-friendly! For all you new parents out there, we hope that this little guide provided you with a bit of direction when it comes to sourcing all your baby essentials. Feel free to read up on these game-changing baby products a little further so you can be certain that these gems will be perfect for both you and your bub.

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