5 Reasons To Send Your Kids To A Child Care Center

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There are more benefits of childcare than what you might normally see. To name a few, we have here the 5 primary benefits that daycare offers to both the young children and parents.

It is always hard to leave our precious little children even for a while. How much more difficult it would be if you leave them under the care of people you do not know really well? Some parents have a lot of reasons not to send children to daycare or a child care center. And if you are one of these parents, you and your child are actually missing a lot (like really, a lot).

For some parents, sending their children to any of the child care centers is just mere leisure, something that will only waste their time, effort, and resources. But do you know that having your child experience daycare offers more benefits than what you may have been thinking of? To name a few, we have below the top 5 important benefits that you and your child can enjoy when sending your child to a child care center.

1. Childcare is economically beneficial to parents

In a traditional family set-up, one parent works to earn enough income to support the needs of the family, while the other parent (usually the mother) takes care of the children.

You may think that sending your child to a daycare is expensive and will just add to your monthly budget. The fact is, it is actually not much of a financial issue, but rather a relief for parents instead. By having someone from the Erskine Park child care center take care of the toddlers or young children, both parents can be able to work and earn. This is also specifically true for single parents. You can let your child stay at the child care center while you work.

2. Childcare has a great impact on sociability and communication

Sending your little kid to a child care center in Wetherill Park is not only beneficial for you but for your child as well. At the child care center, your child can be able to learn a lot of things.

Most child care centers accept children ages 1 to 5. Some even accept children over 6 years old and babies less than a year old! And since your child will be staying at the center with children around these age brackets, he can be able to practice and hone his social and communication skills. This will result in a significant increase in the development of your child’s social and communication skills even after he turns 15 years old.

Many studies across North America and Europe proved that toddlers who are exposed to different people at different situations tend to develop an attitude of understanding diversity. They also have better people-sense. It does not only improve the child’s social and communication skills but the parent’s social and communication skills as well.

3. Childcare impacts a child’s holistic development

Sending a child to a daycare center does not only help improve his social and communication skills, but it will also be beneficial to his holistic development, most especially his cognitive and language skills. Childcare centers are considered bridges that provide a flawless transition from kindergarten to elementary. Daycare staffs are actually pre-school teachers who are there not just to play with your child and to provide sustainability activities for childcare, but also to teach basic literacy skills, and to help him unlock his other skills and interests. All this will eventually impact your child’s future.

In fact, a 30-year study led by the University of North Carolina has shown that children who have undergone high-quality daycare are four times more likely to earn a college degree than their peers who haven’t experienced getting into a daycare center. Daycare doesn’t just add more credentials to the family, but a great investment for your child too.

4. Childcare helps children become healthier

Children with depressed mothers or family members tend to also experience mental concerns in the future. And this is one of the reasons why daycare is essential to every child. Daycare centers have an environment fit for the holistic development of the children. But do you know that childcare offers more than just this? Yes, childcare also provides many health benefits like better mental health and even lower risks for cancer!

A medical research in France has studied 280 cases of childhood cancer and discovered that children exposed to daycare germs are the ones less likely to develop common childhood leukemia. Other researches and studies show that children who attended daycare have a significant 30% less possibility of having cancer. These facts tell us that daycare centers don’t bring serious health issues, but rather they help improve the children’s immunity, of course, with proper hygiene and nutrition care services.

5. Childcare improves parenting

This is perhaps the least obvious benefit that a daycare offers. ¬†Child care helps improve the way parents communicate with other people and with their kids. ¬†Many parents admit that sending their children to a child care center allows them to be more active and supportive of their child’s academic interests. Parents with children who start at daycare are also the ones who are more likely to attend school affairs.


If all parents know and understand the 5 primary benefits of daycare for young children and parents that we mentioned above, all child will surely not skip getting into a child care center. Hopefully, by knowing these facts, you can be able to decide what truly is best for you and your child.

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