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Fighting Obesity: Slim Your Waistline and Prevent Health Problems

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Despite the serious health implications associated with physical inactivity, more and more people today embrace a sedentary lifestyle, which has become a real threat to human life after the alarming number of deaths registered in the last years. This objective conclusion based on statistical data should not come as a surprise taking into account that a modernized society involves using the car even for the shortest distance instead of walking or biking, working in a dull office from 9 to 5 instead of pursuing creative interests, playing video games instead of engaging in entertaining outdoor activities, eating out instead of enjoying healthy family diners and navigating social media platforms instead of having a face-to-face conversation. Even though every individual has the right to choose its own career path, transportation method and type of entertainment, the unhealthy options available managed to concern public health officials. The concern is more than understandable taking into account that obesity somehow became a global issue that affects adults and children altogether.

Main factors contributing to obesity

After reaching epidemic proportions, many people are wondering about the cause responsible for this concerning situation. Unfortunately, there is not just one cause leading to this medical condition, which practically consists of excess fat accumulated in time that has a harmful effect on the body. Even though most people blame it on the genes, the truth is that obesity does not just happen; it takes many unhealthy decisions for a person to end up being overweight or obese. The majority of people use these two terms interchangeably, which represents a mistake because being overweight means that you have a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 29. On the other hand, being obese involves a BMI higher than 30. Generally, obesity occurs following a combination of contributing factors, apart from genetics. These refer to inactivity, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep but also certain medications, pregnancy, age, social and economic difficulties. This medical condition comes with the possibility of developing complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, stroke and heart disease.

Gain control of emotional eating

While certain factors like age and pre-existing medical conditions are impossible to combat, other causes like eating junk food, not getting enough sleep and not exercising or engaging in outdoor activities is just a matter of choices and preferences. Thus, the following question inevitably arises: do people become overweight or obese on purpose or they are so oblivious to the health issues associated with it that they just do not care? Well, some people have a huge appetite or a sweet tooth and they always end up falling into the trap of using food to cope with life, fill a void or feel satisfied. Of course, there are many people out there struggling to shed those unwanted pounds, but without any success. If you are one of those people, you probably want to know exactly what you are doing wrong or why your body does not have the reaction you are desperately looking for and these are very good questions.

Common mistakes people make during weight loss

The biggest mistake that all people who want to lose weight make is eating less than necessary for the body to function properly. Staying away from protein, fiber and healthy calories is not a clever approach because apart from slowing down the metabolism, it leads to overeating later in the day. The purpose of the weight loss process is not to feel hungry constantly but to reduce portion sizes in order to avoid a high-calorie intake, which normally causes the undesirable weight gain. Other common mistakes refer to focusing too much on cardio and not considering strength training, stepping on the scale too often, not reading labels when grocery shopping and obviously, having unrealistic expectations. According to specialists, the most effective treatment for obese people demands a team approach. More specifically, you have to work with professionals from different fields capable of providing useful pieces of advice that you help you slim your waistline and regain your health, which represents the most valuable possession of any person. People need to understand that obesity goes beyond aesthetics; this medical condition can even lead to premature death.

Shedding pounds efficiently requires a team approach

Seeing a doctor regularly to control the negative consequences associated with obesity mentioned at the beginning of the article is crucial because someone with specialized knowledge is able to tell you if certain medications impede you from achieving the much-desired results during the weight loss process. The reality is that some people resort to different methods to shed pounds like undergoing a liposuction procedure or investing in the best appetite suppressant available on the market. However, before making such important decision, you have to ask for a professional opinion from your doctor who can also put you in touch with a nutritionist and a personal trainer so that you benefit from that team approach mentioned above. It goes without saying, but a dietitian can help you create a healthy meal plan designed for your specific needs and a personal trainer can teach you how to work out correctly and efficiently, apart from being motivational.

Natural home remedies used for achieving a slim waist

If you do not have a generous budget to work with all these specialists, you can choose home remedies that can help you fight obesity naturally. These include green tea, mint and curry leaves, honey, apple cider vinegar, fruits and vegetables. In fact, it seems that lemon juice represents your best ally when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds because it facilitates the body’ detoxification process, it improves digestion and it helps you absorb those nutrients necessary to burn fat. Even more, people integrate it into their body cleanses because it eliminates toxins. Apparently, apple cider vinegar can break down fat thus becoming another great remedy for impeding the accumulation of excess fat. According to certain studies, green tea promotes health by reducing fat absorption and helping the body use it efficiently. Curry leaves, for instance, have proteins, minerals, fiber, vitamins A and C, which are ideal for a healthy body.

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