Give Forward – a Social Solution for Out of Pocket Medical Care

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Here’s a new way to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses with crowdfunding that is

Here’s a new way to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses with crowdfunding that is worth checking out.

GiveForward is a Chicago startup that provides personalized fundraising web pages to help Americans cover out-of-pocket medical expenses like travel to treatment, medical equipment and co-pays.  

Recent studies show that Americans are struggling to cover even $2,000 in unexpected health care expenses. 
GiveForward gives people personal fundraising pages to raise money for loved one’s medical expenses.  They have helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars for things like chemotherapy, organ transplants, travel, and living expenses while undergoing treatment. 
One user raised $24,000 in one day to pay for his friend’s cancer treatments.
Since August of 2008 it has helped people raise over $5 million for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

GiveForward was co-founded by two young entrepreneurs, Ethan and Desiree, with the philosophy that too often, people are comfortable with giving gifts of money during times of celebration such as a graduation or wedding but during times of real need, like a critical illness, people are afraid to give financial help. GiveForward’s focus is to turn this perceived negative situation into an opportunity for the community to come together in support of a loved one. The simple fundraising page makes it easy for friends and family, no matter how far away, to contribute in a meaningful way by sending love and financial support.

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