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Conference Tweeting: #RSNA11

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Everything Rad invited me to submit a guest post to help kick off the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting.

Everything Rad invited me to submit a guest post to help kick off the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting. I thought about something related to diagnostic imaging or PACS, but then noticed that RSNA had launched a hashtag for the conference – #RSNA11

Instead, I decided to share a few tips on using social media during the conference and on the exhibit floor.  Who knows, perhaps I would be responsible for someone sending their first tweet while attending RSNA11!

An excerpt of the post is below, but if you are a first time tweeter, you will want to review the entire post for the technical details at Tips for Using Social Media at RSNA 2011.

But, social media isn’t just about receiving information.  It is also about joining in the conversation and networking.  The acts of tweeting information and re-tweeting the tweets of others are just as important.  Attendees should consider contributing to the #RSNA11 conversation by tweeting (up to 140 characters) their thoughts about exhibits and sessions or sharing the pearls of wisdom and new ideas that will come out of the week.  Following the tweets of others who are participating in the meeting also gives you an opportunity to see other perspective or learn important information from sessions that you miss.

I like to use Twitter during conferences to help me keep track of those exceptional thoughts I always seem to have during educational sessions.  In addition, I re-tweet the posts of others that offer value to my life and work.  Once I return home, I just sign on to Twitter and go to my profile to review the bursts of new ideas and resources.

If you want to check out the live tweets just visit

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