How Appropriate Technology Enhances Physician Answering Services

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Managing a medical practice requires handling a variety of things. These include offering quality patient care while managing callers on the phone. However, allowing your staff to handle all these tasks might become overwhelming. This leads to employee burnout, customer frustration from delayed calls, and long queues. To avoid this requires finding a reliable answering agency to handle your phone calls to give your staff time to focus on other tasks. The right answering agency should have the appropriate technology to make the most of their services.

How technology enhances medical answering

PCI compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) are security standards ensuring the security of accepting, processing, storing, or transmitting customer’s credit card information. This gives customers peace of mind to pay for your services using their debit, credit, and prepaid cards. A PCI compliant answering service will ensure that payments from callers are processed securely. This enhances customer experience and protects your brand reputation.

App integrations

Appropriate technology allows an answering service to offer app integration with various kinds of CRM software. This makes work easier and allows your staff to handle other tasks. The integrations might include apps such as Google Maps to help service technicians determine the location of their next job. Additionally, this helps weed out callers, not in your areas of service.

HIPAA compliance

The ideal physicians answering service company should be HIPAA compliant. This guarantees to maintain patients’ private health information. A HIPAA compliant answering service avoids sending patients health information through text, email, and voicemail. It guarantees that this information is always secured through secure online portals. This protects your practice from lawsuits and fines for noncompliance.

Mobile app

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s more convenient to do things on the go. This is where an answering service offering a mobile app is a smart idea. This allows checking your messages regardless of time and place. The mobile app should allow accessing on-call schedules to allow making prompt changes and contacting customers right away from the app. This comes in handy to handle emergencies and fulfilling appointments.

Appointment scheduling

The best agency to handle your answering service should handle all the tasks that would have required your staff better. Most importantly, you need an answering service with appropriate technology to handle seamless appointment scheduling. Regardless of whether they have a scheduling platform or are to integrate your own, the process should add value to your service.

Seamless on-call schedule

Do you need an answering service for dispatching purposes? You need an answering service with a user-friendly interface. This should have features like prompt updating of your on-call schedule. Additionally, getting the most from your on-call schedule requires following your protocols successfully. This is the best way to ensure that managing your practice goes on smoothly.

Presence of a web portal

This is to offer freedom to check messages without sifting through loads of old emails. Additionally, the web portal should have seamless customer support staff to respond promptly to inquiries. Transparency  is an important aspect of managing a medical practice. It’s very important that the answering service you’re working with promotes transparency  on their web portal. This allows access to any important information about how things are going.


With everything going digital, it’s high time you considered having your phone answering digitalized by a professional answering service. This comes with benefits such as HIPAA and PCI compliance while giving your staff to focus on offering quality patient services.

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