How Can I Easily Move into a More Stressful Job?

It can be tough to start a new job, especially when it’s more stressful than your last. How can you make sure the transition is as simple as possible?

James Wilson
April 6, 2020


If you’re planning on moving into another job, you might have a variety of worries. Don’t take them to heart too much, though. It’s not always as difficult as you might think to move into another job, especially if it’s a similar job to your last one. But it can cause you a lot of anxiousness when it’s a significantly more stressful job — for example, if you’re moving from an hourly position to a salaried one in a fast-paced environment. How can you make sure that your move is as easy to handle as possible? With these simple tips.

Know All Your Job Requirements

First off, it’s important that you know what your supervisors expect from you before you even show up for work on the first day. That way, you won’t have to deal with all the hustle and bustle of your new job while also worrying that you aren’t doing something that your supervisors expect. You can also practice to make sure you’re competent at all of these requirements before you step foot into the building on the first day. It’s a great way to keep your focus.

Set Up Achievable Expectations

When you move into your job, you shouldn’t expect to be the #1 employee on the very first day. If you expect too much from yourself right out of the gate, it’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed when you don’t meet your own high expectations. That’s why it’s so important to set goals for yourself that you can actually achieve. For the first week or two, maybe your only goal is to not be the lowest-performing employee. That’s a totally achievable goal that you can then increase as you get used to the job.

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Make Friends in Your Workplace

When you’re comfortable in your workplace, you’re much less likely to worry and feel overwhelmed as things get more and more hectic. The best way to get comfortable is to start talking to the other employees. When you know other people in the workplace, you won’t feel as awkward and uncomfortable as you interact with them. It’s an amazing way to ensure that your first few weeks allow you to adjust a little more easily.

Ask for Help if You Need It

Remember that no one is expecting you to do everything yourself. Even if you’re in a workplace environment with extremely high standards, your supervisors and coworkers know that you’re brand new to the job. That means they’re probably more likely to help you if you’re having a tough time. Even if you run into unlikable or stubborn supervisors and coworkers, you can look for help outside of your workplace environment. When you need help, reach out. It’s the best way to make sure that you stay competent and perform to everyone’s expectations.

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What’s the best way to make sure that you stay calm in everyday scenarios, whether it’s at work, at college, or just in your daily life? CBD can absolutely give you a little bit of an extra boost. With CBD, you’re able to maintain a sense of calm and focus that can really benefit you in these stressful situations. Plus, Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies for calm give you a portable and effective solution to the stresses of your job. When your job ratchets up the heat, take a deep breath, step outside for a minute, and take a few CBD gummies. You’ll be able to return to work with a better sense of how you can perform most effectively.

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A fast-paced job can actually be great for you. Many times, these stressful jobs pay more, have better benefits, and offer you the ability to increase your experience. Of course, none of these benefits actively reduce the stress that you experience, especially if you’re just moving into the new job. That’s why you need to use CBD gummies. The CBD will make it easier for you to take a deep breath and continue your day without freaking out over the stressors you encounter. At Charlotte’s Web, you can get CBD gummies to boost your work, school, social life, or anything else that you need to enhance.