How Is CBD Extracted From Hemp?

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  CBD products can now be found in local health stores nationwide and even online. Whoever predicted this wave was right because this influx of hemp-derived products is here, and it is making a significant impact on people’s lives. With all these CBD products available, a good question to ask if you haven’t already, is “how is CBD extracted from hemp?” There are a few ways to go about it, but this is not a ‘try at home’ tutorial. In this article, we’re going to focus on the different methods CBD companies engage in to bring you the CBD oil you hold so dearly.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural compound found in hemp plants. As you probably already know, CBD comes in many varieties; you have your edibles, capsules, and syrups, but out of all those options, CBD oil tends to be the most beloved among users for many reasons. So, how exactly is CBD oil made?

How Is CBD Oil Made?

There are multiple ways to extract CBD from the hemp plant, but each has its pros and cons. Some manufacturing companies engage in some of these methods because they are safer and more efficient, while others prefer the cheaper and faster methods. In the end, your CBD oil is as good as the extraction method used. Let’s look at the two most common methods used to extract CBD.

1. CO2 Extraction

An effective way to extract CBD from hemp is with CO2, hence the name CO2 extraction. Essentially, this method squeezes CO2 through the plant to withdraw the oil. Although ideal, this process is more intricate. It requires pricey CBD extraction equipment and a high level of expertise. But, when done correctly, the end product is safe and potent. To give you an idea of how this method differs from the next one on the list, we’ll need to go into the details. Basically, a series of chambers regulate pressure and temperature. At the right temperature and pressure, the CO2 cannabinoid solution reacts with one another, and they are isolated. As the cannabinoids separate, they are collected separately in the chambers. The manufacturers can then pick which cannabinoids to add to their products. Due to the level of expertise needed to engage in this method properly, not many manufacturing companies have the people for that kind of operation.

2. Ethanol Extraction

Next on the list is the ethanol extraction method. Another efficient way to extract CBD from hemp is with a high-grade solvent such as ethanol. Let’s go over the processes behind this method. Unlike CO2 extraction, this method is relatively simple and less expensive. Ethanol is a hydrotropic solvent, meaning it sticks to the water-soluble elements of the plant. The hemp plant is soaked into the solvent (ethanol) in order to dissolve the terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant. Unfortunately, the final result (oil) may be less potent, therefore less pure. Generally, after the extraction, more processing is often required to ensure a more potent mixture, but extractors don’t always add these steps when crafting their CBD products.


There are many reasons why certain companies engage in one type of method and not the other. Although CO2 extraction yields the purest form of CBD, not all manufacturers have the money, equipment, and the main d’oeuvre or workforce to properly do it. As previously mentioned, each method has its pros and cons, so in the end, it all boils down to how big the company is and how notable they hope to be. To be clear, there isn’t a competition. Both methods are legit, but if you’re looking for the best CBD oil you can find, it’s important to know what extraction method produces that high-quality CBD.

Shop Green Roads for the Best CBD Oil

There are still a few other CBD extraction methods, but they are not as effective or safe as the ones discussed in this article. Most companies go with either of these two, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust the other ones. When shopping for CBD oil, be sure to ask how the oil was extracted, as it can give you useful insight into the brand and the oil you’re about to buy. If you are looking for more CBD products, try Green Roads. They offer many forms of CBD products ranging from capsules to edibles. You’ll be sure to find a product best suited to your needs.

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