How To Lose Weight And Eat Food You Love By Tracking Macronutrients

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There exists a specific amount of calories that the human body needs. Exceeding this amount can lead to the accumulation of fat, ultimately resulting in obesity. Taking the least amount of calories is also not a useful approach. One must have sufficient energy in the body for everyday performance in the best possible way.

Undoubtedly, this would be gained from a dietary source. The estimated energy requirement is the most useful approach that lets you find out about what sort of meal you should be taken and in which quantity as well.

Weight Loss:

Are you desirous of losing weight and have tried several methods for doing so? If yes, then you should not lose hope but take a deep breath in order to consider the most beneficial and long-lasting method. Well, the weight loss is not that tough as it seems. The need of the hour is to utilize the right tactics to gain immediate and durable outcomes. Many of the people consider not to take meal proper meal or diminish it to the optimum. It leads to damaging the body and health as well.

EER calculator lets you know that what would be the minimum energy requirement for you as per your physique, age, and gender. Don’t know about how to calculate EER? If yes, then it is not required to visit a nutritionist for this small task as the online approach is most suitable to you and saves your money too. EER nutrition would ensure remarkable benefits to your health and fitness.


Losing weight is great, but the impact of the decrease in energy due to weight loss is highly not acceptable. Body energy must be retained as per the individual’s requirement. Gain muscle and feel more energized but ensure to cut down the fat. Macronutrients are part of everyone’s diet, but there should be a perfect balance in these. These include protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The perfect balance of this ensures that strength, health, and energy to the body.

These are named as macronutrients as these must be taken in rich amounts for survival. However, there also exist some micronutrients as well, which should be least in an amount such as electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins.

Calories Per Macronutrient:

There exists a certain amount of calories in each gram of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Having knowledge of it is quite necessary as it provides you with information about how many calories you have taken. Carbohydrates and proteins correspond to the same amount of calories per gram which is 4 per gram. However, in the case of fats, calories per gram increase which is 9 in each gram.

Macros to be Taken:

Get to know about EER nutrition by taking the right amount of macros. The requirement varies from individual to individual. However, the suggested macronutrients to be taken are 20 to 35 and 45 to 60 percent for fats and carbohydrates, respectively. However, the remaining package is for the protein. EER formula ensures that a specific amount of energy should be taken on each day. Get the estimated energy requirement calculator in the wink of an eye as it is available on the net for your ease.

Some of the most significant scenarios demoing the tracking of macros are when you are preparing for your athletic performance or bodybuilding show. In addition to this, it is mandatory when the doctor recommended you to do so. Consume least or no processed food for gaining satisfactory outcomes.

Calculation of Macros:

Now, you have got an idea about calories as well as macros. Hence, you must be well aware of the calculation of macros for efficient outcomes. There exist a few necessary steps for the calculation of macros. The prime one is the required amount of calories as per your needs. For instance, it can be 2k calories per day or even more or less.

The next step is the determination of the ideal ratio of macronutrients. It can be 25% for fats and protein and 50% carbs. The further step would be the multiplication of calories with your %. Last but not least is the division step where calories per gram number and calorie amounts are being divided.

Best Macros Calculator:

Feeling difficulty in the calculation of macros or not good in math? No issues at all! The world of science and technology has brought up various useful macros calculator for your ease. One of the amazing ones is IIFYM which free of cost but demands only your email ID for sending you your result. Likewise, there are a plethora of calculators to calculate EER. Get the fabulous dieting approach by utilizing IIFYM which literally means “If It Fit Your Macros”.

Another fabulous tracker is “Healthy Eater” which lets you calculate macros as per your number of meals per day. You set your goal, such as 10% body fat reduction, weight reduction, weight gain, etc. Likewise, another free app is Muscle for Life which provides detailed outcomes. Here you can calculate multiple aspects such as TDEE, BMR, and LBM. All of these are excellent in function and do not demand any penny from you.

Tracking Macros:

If you have calculated your macros, then the next step is the tracking of it that either you are taking it in the required amount or not. MyFitnessPal is the application for tracking macros. It comes in a free and paid version as well. It comes with an amazing feature of bar code scanning. In the paid version, you get the facility to enter the amount in grams. It easily comprises the drinks and food database. You can track your macros by using MyMacros+ which tracks the body weight and contains the huge food database.

It is not mandatory to have an internet facility for tracking macros on this app. You can even track it when you are offline. Last but not least is the Cronometer.  This tracker is responsible for tracking both macronutrients as well as micronutrients. Even, biometrics can also be tracked by using this excellent tracker such as pulse, mood, sleep, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

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