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5 Ways Meditation Can Help You With Weight Loss

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Your strict discipline in diet and exercise may work in making you effectively lose that extra weight but your thoughts and stress may effectively hinder that from happening too. You read that right. A healthy physical lifestyle may not be enough to achieve your body goals. Stress and anxiety affect your physical health, including your weight loss program.

This is where meditation comes in. As you already know, meditation is a useful method to clear the mind and veer away from different kinds of stress and anxiety. Here are a guide and some common questions asked on how meditation can be helpful for your weight loss program.

1. Meditation aids in the assimilation of food

What you eat is just as good as how your body processes the food you eat and distributes the nutrients to all parts of your body. When you workout and then eat a healthy meal, this can be an effective way to promote effective bodybuilding and weight loss regime. However, it is true that workout can increase your appetite and it continues to increase the more you get on with your physical routine.

Meditation plays an important role in making sure that your body assimilates the nutrients that you get from the food you eat. Stress and anxiety can pose as a hindrance to healthy digestion and even lead to an increase in appetite for unhealthy food. Through regular meditation, your stress and anxiety levels can decrease and this can effectively regulate your hormones and organ functions. This leads to long term effects on your health and weight loss regime.

2. Promotes a Surrender to Intention

Supposing you have set your goals, your ideal body weight to attain through exercise and diet. The next step is to commit and create your map on how you can get to your goals. This is where you determine your intentions and how you plan to achieve them. Intentions are only good if you start to act on it and commit yourself to it. In this case, to a healthier and more fit body.

Regular meditation will strengthen your willpower to surrender to your intention. When you surrender to your intention, this will allow you to give more focus to your goals and work harder to achieve them. Meditation programs the mind to be more disciplined and focused on your intentions. It clears the mind and focuses on positive vibes to give you more energy in completing your regular workout routine.

3. Meditation lowers your BMR effortlessly

BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is your body’s calories requirement when at rest, whether you are lying down, sitting or basically not doing any physical activity and movements. Less movement should ideally require fewer calories because there is not much energy at use. This then means that your body will require less calorie intake.

When you add meditation to your daily routine, this gives you some minutes or hours of less activity, which means less calorie requirement. This is a natural way of avoiding calories which then ultimately leads to weight loss. Less calorie intake, lower BMR, means faster weight loss.

  1. Promote Conscious Eating

When you decide to commit on a healthy routine, diet plans, regular exercise, you become more aware of your health and more mindful about what you eat and drink. You know that your body absorbs anything that you put into it, thus making you conscious about your food choices.

Regular meditation is an effective way to boost this discipline. When you meditate regularly, you become self-conscious in all aspects of your daily routine, your mind becomes focused on health and wellness. Your urges for unhealthy food become less and less. You are more determined to focus on healthy food choices. Meditation exposes you to higher disciplines in taking care of the body, especially on what you eat and drink.

  1. Meditation boosts commitment

Following a weight loss program requires strict self-discipline and commitment to your goals. Ideally, the first two weeks of your workout and diet regime can prove to be the most difficult and requires the most discipline. However, as time goes, you either become more consistent with your routine or more lenient with your diet. Try the Law of attraction to stick with your commitments. It can also help you in day to day life.

Regular meditation boosts your focus and commitment to your goals. It clears your mind and lets you refocus on your commitment, which will strengthen your will to follow your diet plans and workout routine. In addition to that, meditation also boosts your commitment to other aspects of life such as your work, your hobbies and your relationships with other people. Great doctors like James Kojian MD can guide you in achieving your health goals and be the best version of yourself.


Your physical health should be in tune with your emotional and psychological health to attain positive well-being. As you make time for your regular workout routine and planning your diet, also take the time to meditate and clear your mind from stress. This will not only help you lose those extra pounds, but it will also make you feel more confident and overall positive.

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