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Medical Wage: 4 Lucrative Healthcare Career Options

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Health services is one of the most rapidly growing fields in America today. An aging population and an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases means that people have a higher demand for health services. Because of this, the job market has opened up in a big way. The amount of baby boomers that are currently elderly are partly responsible for this great influx of patients needing more specialized care. By earning the necessary education, you can begin a lucrative healthcare career in one of these four types of jobs.

Run the Hospital Laboratory

Most hospitals have an in-house laboratory. This is advantageous for the facility and the patients involved. It enables the hospital to get results faster for certain types of tests, and allows for more complete in-house care. The hospital laboratory conducts these tests that are essential to patient health, such as liver enzymes and complete blood cell counts. Hospital labs may also run tests for the presence of illicit drugs, or medication levels if overdoses are suspected in certain situations. The laboratory administrator must be skilled at the application of cell culture and many other lab techniques. These professionals are compensated well for their skills, as they should be. A lot of work goes into this area of healthcare, as it is the first line of defense in patient care.

Become a Doctor

When people think of healthcare, they often think of doctors. This is because we associate the picture of a lab coat with healthcare. There are many different types of doctors in the field of healthcare, especially these days. For instance, becoming a doctor of nursing practice allows you to directly care for patients and their assorted needs. You may also be able to teach medical professionals that are currently in training. Earning a medical degree, gaining a residency, and sitting for licensure and board exams requires skill, preparation, and many years of study. Doctors earn good salaries and receive excellent benefits.

Mental Health Professionals

Many different types of personnel are part of the field of mental health and psychiatry. Some positions in this area include: psychiatrist, nurses, secretaries, orderlies, social workers, psychologists, clinicians, caregivers, counselors, and psychiatric technicians. Each of these have a specialized skillset that create a comfortable environment for positive patient health. Many people still do not understand how important mental health is, and how integral it is to life in general. These specialists know how much your life revolves around your mental health, and how to keep patients in a positive or at least manageable mental state. This field is growing more and more each year as well, and there is plenty of room for advancement and integration with other areas in the field of healthcare.

Be a Nurse

Nurses are some of the hardest working people in healthcare, in some cases, they work as much or more than doctors do. It just depends upon the area of specialty. They work in clinics, offices, hospitals, schools, and other settings. Everywhere you look there are nurses taking care of patients and helping out the doctors over them. Nurses offer direct patient care and are able to treat minor conditions. In some places, specific types of nurses can write prescriptions for patients. After becoming a licensed registered nurse, you can expect to earn a comfortable living doing what you love.

Work as an Infection Control Practitioner

Hospitals usually have an in-house infection control practitioner. This person usually has a degree in nursing or medicine as well as a master’s degree in public health. The infection control practitioner is responsible for preventing the spread of infections within the hospital. This person is also responsible for ensuring that employees use safe practices in patient care, such as washing their hands, wearing gloves and putting on face masks when needed. The infection control practitioner is also responsible for reporting disease outbreaks to the authorities. When you have the necessary license and education to do one of these four jobs, you can take a position in almost any city or state. Certain places, like Alaska, have a constant nurse shortage, so wages are much higher for nurses there. No matter where you choose to work, you can expect to earn a good wage and not have to worry about paying your basic costs of living. Each of these four health services jobs also provides a great sense of personal satisfaction.

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