MediKidz: Super Heroes for Health Education

April 9, 2018


Dr. Kate Hersov was a Pediatrician with a problem that would take some Super Heroes to solve. She was working in New Zealand with children who had difficult health situations and no way to explain what they needed to know – on their level. She was very frustrated that she didn’t have any information to give her young patients. A moment of inspiration came when she was explaining a patient’s cancer diagnosis to an 11-year old’s parents when the patient called out the adults for not having information for him. So Dr. Hersov became a “Doctor-preneur”  and the MediKidz Super Heroes were born. Medikidz book art

Listen to this wonderful story or drop in at the time stamps below.


MediKidz Super Heroes00:00 Introduction

01:03 Pediatrician in New Zealand

01:35 No health information available

04:24 Founding Children’s MedEd company

04:58 Super Heroes has health educators

07:10 Graphic novel influence

08:20 Adults need them too

10:45 Based on real kids; 100 Titles and growing

13:00 Digital Augmentation Reality

13:38 Business Model

15:10 Siblings

17:25 New Titles

19:00 Forum for kids to share

22:30 Kids as Super Heroes

25:38 The MediKidz Team

26:15 Digitalization of MediKidz

26:38 Preventative Health

27:15 Developing world – HIV & vaccinations

28:46 Social Media Tip: Pam Highsmith – The power of Facebook Ads