Monthly News Roundup: The Top 5 Stories in Digital Health

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We’ve wrangled last month’s top 5 stories at the intersect of health and digital communications — let us know what you find most useful.


We’ve wrangled last month’s top 5 stories at the intersect of health and digital communications — let us know what you find most useful.


The White House’s new digital strategy takes the next step to eliminate these in government — across devices. (Photo courtesy of stock.xchng)

1. The White House announces a new digital strategy

Last month the Obama Administration announced a new digital strategy calling for enterprise-like, integrated approaches to government information sharing that aims to do more with less — across devices. The initiative ultimately aims to bring new and holistic depths to the concept of open data (e.g., music for a mobile health and data-believers’ ears!).

  • Get a snapshot of the strategy in GSA’s Storify recap of the announcement.

2. Facebook releases a beta version of a new Pages Manager App for iPhone iOS 4.2 or later.

3. CDC Releases Guide to Writing for Social Media

After three years of using social media to engage citizens in health communications campaigns and emergency response efforts, the CDC has released a new writing guide for digital health communicators. Topics covered include official guidance on social media writing with consideration for health literacy principles, the specifics of writing for different platforms and (eureka!) integrating social media into overall health communications initiatives.

4. Facebook adds a feature to promote organ donation

In additional to going public last month and honeymooning in Italy, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has made it possible to display your organ donor status right from your page.

5. Google Analytics adds social media reports, including social plugin reports to measure and evaluate what content is resonating socially with your audiences.

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