Myths Surrounding Gynecomastia and Whether They are True or Not

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Gynecomastia is a term used to describe over-developed or enlarged breasts in men. It can happen to any man at any age and at any time of their life. The enlarged breasts not only impact a man’s self-esteem and self-confidence, but they may also add to a man’s physical discomfort because they are too tender.

Gynecomastia isn’t entirely dependent on a man’s desire to have that perfect chiseled body, but could mean some serious underlying health issues. It’s caused by the use of some steroids, hormonal imbalance, and obesity, to mention a few. A lot of articles have been written out there on the topic of gynecomastia, and it may get confusing for some people. In this article today, we will try to clear the cloud of myths surrounding this condition.

Myth #1 – Only “fat” men suffer from gynecomastia.

One of the misconceptions surrounding gynecomastia is that only overweight men suffer from this condition. It’s true to a certain extent that men with excess fat on their chests can have significantly bigger breasts, though this is different from men with extra glandular and breast tissue, which can happen to a relatively healthy man. When excess fat is the cause of enlarged breasts in men, it’s referred to as pseudogynecomastia.

The fact is gynecomastia is mostly caused by hormonal imbalance when testosterone levels dip and estrogen levels rise in a man’s body. As a result of this, breasts are enlarged. You may find many men affected by this condition may also be at a healthy weight, thus busting this myth that gynecomastia is for obese people only.

Myth #2 – Gynecomastia isn’t caused by alcohol drinking.

Many think that gynecomastia is caused by unhealthy eating and genetics, but this couldn’t be far from the truth. Not only does eating unhealthy and fatty foods increase the chances of gynecomastia, but drinking alcohol may also lead to having enlarged breasts.

This is because when you overindulge in alcohol or beer drinking, you’re overworking your liver. The liver is where excess estrogen is processed, and with beer having phytoestrogens, it adds to estrogen levels found in the body, and this could lead to hormonal imbalance in your body.

Myth #3 – Gynecomastia will reappear after surgery.

Many people are afraid that after surgery, the condition will come back to haunt them again. Therefore, they are unwilling to undergo surgery. The truth is gynecomastia surgery is the only way to get rid of your man boobs permanently. However, it should be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon who’s experienced in this kind of condition.

It’s an expensive treatment option for gynecomastia, but it’s worth it. Ask all the questions you need to know about the procedure to be well-prepared. During recovery, you may be required to wear a compression shirt to aid your body with the healing process. You can choose your compression shirt at confidencebodywear.com.

One of the issues with gynecomastia is that there’s a lot of information surrounding it. With such, numerous myths are surrounding the condition that can lead to a man feeling lost and renders him hopeless in his quest for searching for a viable solution to treating gynecomastia. Here, we’ve separated the myths from the facts, so that you can make an informed decision about your health and physical appearance.

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