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Pros and Cons of Dental Implant You Should Know

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  When you research about dental implants, you will find that most of the sites just talk about the positives of the surgery. Yes, the procedure if done successfully is a benefit for most people but not everything is rosy. We have listed here both positives and negatives of the procedure to help you decide if you feel you should go ahead with this procedure. The Cons of Dental Implants: Dental Implants are Expensive: You must be aware of the fact that dental implants are not cheap in fact they are one of the most expensive dental procedures. The procedure itself is complex and involve several sittings to get done. Though the procedure is a success most of the time and improves the quality of life of the patient hence, it is viewed as a worthy investment. The sad part is that the cost of dental implants is not included in most of the medical insurance as they are outdated hence this expenditure will be directly from your pocket which you need to consider. Dental Implant Procedure is a Surgery: Do not assume that the implant is just a normal procedure. It is a surgical procedure and you will be sedated while it is being performed. Your natural tooth root which is damaged will be replaced by titanium screws that adheres to the surrounding bone structure and the process is known as osseointegration. Dentaly recommends that if you have decided to get a dental implant done, then be prepared beforehand mentally that the procedure is a full fledge surgery and also be vary of all of its advantages and disadvantages so that you make an informed decision. Dental Implant Procedure May Need Several Months to Heal: Like any other surgery, the recovery time of this procedure is high as titanium screws are infused with your bone to form an anchor. It may take you months to recover as bones heal slowly. It may take 3-10 months to get back to a normal life. The Pros of Dental Implants: Dental Implants Helps You to Regain Your Natural Smile: Dental implants restore the teeth in such a way that it looks quite natural and you gain back your attractive smile. You can be assured that your teeth have been placed firmly in its place and the teeth crowns are made of porcelain hence looks quite natural. The main reason why many people are willingly undergoing through this procedure is because of its natural looking results. Dental Implants Lets You Speak and Eat Normally: The main issue when you lose your natural teeth is more than aesthetics as our tooth helps us chew food for better digestion but when you lose your tooth, chewing food is quite difficult with fewer teeth and you will end up going on a liquid or easy to swallow diet which drastically reduces your quality of life as you will have to give up in your favorite dishes. Another issue which many elderly people go through is that due to missing teeth, their speech becomes difficult to understand by others as it becomes unclear. Not being able to express oneself for others to understand at such an age becomes hear-breaking for many elderly people. Also, a few people do not wish to retire at the age of 60, hence, to be able to work, they cannot lose their ability to communicate clearly. People in professions like being an anchor or a singer should not look into any other procedures as this is the only way they will be able to speak or sing clearly. You can be assured of the fact that once your dental implant surgery is done and healed, you will regain back your ability to speak normally. You can also chew food just like it is your natural teeth. Implants really are the best solution for tooth loss. Dental Implants is Hassle Free: You must be aware that the alternate solution of tooth loss like dentures need to be removed and cleaned almost every night and you will have to wear it every day. It may look and feel unnatural. The dental implant is a time-consuming procedure but once done it is hassle-free as you can treat the implanted tooth just like your natural teeth. Dental Implants Let You Become Social Again without Embarrassing Yourself: Many elders find wearing dentures a bit embarrassing especially in social gatherings. As dental implant looks and feels natural, it makes you more confident around others. Hence, you can be as social as you were earlier without feeling conscious about your replaced teeth. Getting dental implants can be a life changing decision. After weighing its pros and cons if you think you are up for it, get it done from a well reputed dentist to get the best results.

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