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The American Public Health Association is meeting today in Washington, D.C. Public health has taken on a new meaning, with much more visibility and a proactive campaign which has captured the market place. Many entrepreneurs see the opportunity for profit in marketing healthy foods.

Nutritional supplements are one area of much controversy. For healthy people there are few dangers except for overdoses of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.Nutritional supplements are very loosely regulated and patients cannot be certain of what or how much “active ingredient” is present in a dose.

One spin off that is beneficial is the mindset of those using supplements and the associated discipline of a healthier life style, exercise and weight loss. One cannot rule out the psychological factors in operation by using a supplement.  Is this a form of hypnosis?

Some celebrities offer this as their recipe for youth, good looks, or weight loss, muscle building, and increased stamina. Their ‘celebrity’ often increases their reach and ‘credibility’ no matter if they are an actor, sports figure or successful entrepreneur.

You can follow the tweets from the meeting at #apha11.

Me, I am going to drink my carrot juice, and later have a POM wonderful !



Healthy People.go offers this list of Leading Health Indicators

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