Rent a Grandma

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Through a company called Rent-a-Grandma, you can can rent grandmothers for long- or short-term, live in or live out. With 30 regular customers, a full-time rent-a-grandmother can make $500 a week.


The company’s website, which promotes the tagline “You can trust our Grandmas,” also maintains a Twitter account  
Rent-a-Grandma currently employs about 50 “grannies” throughout Los Angeles County to serve as nannies, maintenance staff, pet sitters, chefs, personal assistants and more. Although they do not have to be actual grandmothers, they must be older than 50. 
Founder and CEO Todd Pliss started the company in August 2010, and is now venturing into the national arena, with the first franchise opening in Texas. H+e expects Rent-a-Grandma to host at least 25 franchises by the end of the year. 
Says something about the culture where grandparents can be far away or non-existent and the nuclear family is slowly disintegrating. On the other hand, it seems to be a good service that provides much needed employment.
Source: ABC News

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