Small Bone Innovations Addresses Unmet Needs in Joint Replacement

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Small Bone Innovations (SBI) is a specialty medical devices company that has pioneered state-of-the-art orthopedic implants for small bone and joint indications, which is a si

Small Bone Innovations (SBI) is a specialty medical devices company that has pioneered state-of-the-art orthopedic implants for small bone and joint indications, which is a significantly underserved area in the orthopedic field. Orthopedic companies have predominately focused on developing medical devices for large bone trauma and large joint surgery, leaving the small bone and joint field significantly lacking.

Focusing on conditions of the upper and lower extremities, SBI has utilized its expert team and superior knowledge of the field to develop a product pipeline of 40 products that address needs that range from single finger correction to total small joint replacement. Particularly, SBI has developed the first in class total ankle replacement system that has a three piece mobile bearing that is non-constrained and is uncemented. SBI currently has distribution in over 50 countries, making it a leader in their focused orthopedic market.

Small Bone Innovations, Inc. has been attracting considerable attention in recent months in both the financial and the orthopedics sector.  The company was ranked by Dow Jones VentureWire #24 on the list of the Top 50 U.S. VC-backed companies.

SBi was founded in 2004 by Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC, (VB), a New York merchant banking firm that specializes in the musculoskeletal/orthopedics sector. VB created SBi as the first company to focus purely on small bones & joints. SBi offers a broad, clinically proven portfolio of products and technologies including the market leading S.T.A.R. total ankle replacement system. Today, SBi has facilities in New York, NY, Morrisville, PA, Bourg-en-Bresse, France, Donaueschingen, Germany, and Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia.

Last month, the company’s Morrisville, PA and Péronnas, France facilities received manufacturers’ accreditation from the government of Japan. The accreditation will allow product registrations in Japan, currently the region’s biggest market for orthopedic technologies at $25 billion in revenues annually.

The award is an important and essential step in developing SBi’s strategic partnership with Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corporation (OTB), Tokyo, announced last year, to exclusively market an extensive portfolio of small bone & joint implants and instrumentation in Japan, including SBi’s flagship product, the STAR Total Ankle Replacement System.

Small Bone Innovations will be presenting at OneMedForum NY 2011 on June 23-24.


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