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What To Do When A Medical Error Occurs

Doctors seem like they should be right all the time. They went…

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9 Common Medical Mistakes To Be Aware Of

  Medical mistakes are the ugly secret of the health industry. Every…

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Why Medical Errors Are The Third Leading Cause Of Death

  Have you ever wondered what the third leading cause of death…

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Medication Errors And Their Painful Impact On Patients

  Adverse drug events (ADEs) are injuries that occur as a result…

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5 Reasons Big Data Adoption is Slow in Healthcare

Big data is changing our world, one industry at a time. These…

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Government Wants Patients to Report Medical Mistakes – Is This a Mistake?

    I’m all for enhancing patient safety.  Count me in on reducing…

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Medical Errors: Numbers Don’t Lie

Res ipsa loquitor: Res ipsa loquitor:

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Addressing Medical Errors: Working to Improve Care and Reduce Costs

In the last week there have been two articles written addressing medical…

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Cost of Medical Errors: $17 billion

Its has been well established that medical errors are a serious problem…

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