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Why the TD2 DEEP 6 AI Partnership Is Good for Your Hospital

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The recently announced partnership between TD2 Deep 6 AI is exciting news for everyone in the medical industry. What could this partnership mean for the development of drugs in the future, and why is it a good thing for your hospital?

What Is TD2?

TD2 is classified as an oncology development organization

, but it does so much more than develop cancer treatments. These researchers are on the cutting edge of oncology treatment, focusing on every stage of development, from preclinical and regulatory through clinical trials. These investigational drugs potentially become the life-changing treatments of the future, and can be accessed by terminal patients in certain cases due to the Right to Try laws that are in place in some states.

What Is the Potential Impact of Investigational Drugs?

We all know new drugs and treatments must go through multiple phases of testing, both preclinical and clinical, before they can be marketed to the public. Unfortunately, for cancer treatments in particular, the months or years that a drug spends in this transitional stage can mean the difference between life and death. While they might not offer a cure, they do offer a sliver of hope, which can mean everything for someone with a terminal diagnosis.

What Is Deep 6 AI?

As its name suggests, Deep 6 AI is an artificial intelligence program that started life as an analytics program. Its goal was to make it easier and faster to find participants for clinical trials by using collected data to identify the specific demographics and even genetic markers the researchers were looking for. An analytics program can effectively predict the future needs of a company or a clinical study, as long as it has enough data. The more information there is to work with, the more accurate the predictions become. This isn?t because researchers have discovered some magical psychic program ? it?s because the program can search through massive sets of data and find patterns no human would be able to discern.

What Can They Do Together?

What happens when you pair an investigational drug company with an artificial intelligence programmed to find clinical trial patients? That?s what TD2 and Deep 6 AI are hoping to find out. Deep 6 can potentially change the way patients are selected for clinical trials. Traditional selection processes rely on data collected by medical professionals. By going through that data, researchers can determine what type of person they need for an upcoming trial. This could be as simple as gender or as complex as looking for a person with a specific genetic marker. Due to the types of searches that are done to choose the ideal candidate, putting together a participant list for clinical trials can take months ? and that?s assuming everyone contacted actually wants to participate. The pairing of TD2 and Deep 6 can potentially take those long and trying searches and shorten them drastically ? finding participants in hours or days instead of months. Instead of searching through databases that may or may not have the information they need, the combination of these two scientific powerhouses enables the researchers running the trials to constantly monitor the potentially eligible patients that have been diagnosed with specific cancers. They can also use this database to keep track of patients with specific genomic markers that may be necessary for the trial to succeed. This is all in addition to keeping track of basic demographic information like age, gender and location. The artificial intelligence makes keeping these enormous databases possible because it doesn?t rely on human minds to sort through all the data.

What Does This Mean for Your Hospital?

Getting these investigational drugs to the patients that need them is a fantastic thing, but what does that mean for your hospital? In a nutshell, it will enable to you to potentially improve patient outcomes by providing new and more effective treatments. On the less altruistic side of things, this partnership can help improve overall revenue for medical practices that participate in these trials. The faster you can complete a clinical trial, the faster you can move on to the next trial and receive additional funding. The overall goal here is to enable your patients to receive the newest and most advanced medicines as soon as possible. Instead of waiting months to find trial participants and then spending even more time to complete the trial itself, the drugs can be tested and implemented much faster. Removing that wait time to gather participants is the first step to getting these drugs quickly and safely to the patients that need them most. Clinical trials are an essential part of the medical industry ? they ensure new drugs and treatment options are both safe and effective. Traditionally this has been a slow process, with the majority of time being spent determining which patients will best fit the criteria for the specific needs of the clinical trial. With this new partnership between TD2 and Deep 6 AI, these new breakthroughs can make it easier for researchers and doctors to work together to make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. It?s not a perfect solution, at least not yet, but the more data TD2 can provide to Deep 6 AI, the better the system will work. Machine learning systems like Deep 6 thrive on information, and with that data, this artificial intelligence can change lives.

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