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The Important And Powerful Role Of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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When it comes to life-changing technological advancements, it is fair to say that there have been many incredible innovations that have become available to the market over the years. This is especially true in recent years, as efforts and investments in digitalisation and technological advancement have been effectively kicking into high gear. As the world grew more comfortable and reliant on the internet, more and more gadgets were introduced to make life more convenient. From smartphones to portable oxygen concentrators. The more comfortable we are with technology, there more room and opportunity there is for creators to grow.

Today, we are more comfortable, familiar, and even reliant on the ongoing advancements and enhancements that are coming to life around us as a result of rapid digitalisation and technological influence. While each and every technological innovation is of course valuable in and of itself, there are some innovations that are decidedly more important because of the origin of their design and intent as well as the genuine and positive impact they have on lives around the globe. For instance, while the smartphone is extremely valuable in terms of communication and breaking barriers, some might say that the fridge is a more important invention due to its ability to store food for a long period of time, which ensures that there will be food throughout the year. There are plenty of inventions such as these, which are almost essential to human society.

Introducing the portable oxygen machine

Take the portable oxygen machine, for instance. The important and powerful role of portable oxygen concentrators is all about quite literally giving a fresh breath of air to individuals around the globe. For individuals who struggle with oxygen intake, it is comforting to realise that there are machines on the market today that are specifically designed and created to alleviate symptoms and give some relief to impacted individuals. Instead of having to rely on heavy machinery which aren’t quite travel-friendly, patients requiring the use of oxygen machines can now rejoice that they do not have to be limited by their condition. Portable oxygen was once considered to be a pipe dream to some individuals, and today the happy realisation is that it is in fact not only a reality, but a reality that is positively changing the lives of impacted individuals around the globe and for the better.

In times of uncertainty

This is especially true now, at a time where individuals who struggle with natural oxygen intake are finding themselves having to concede along with the rest of the world with emerging enforcements that are designed and intended to keep us all safe as the coronavirus continues to shake the world as we know it, from its foundations upward. In times of uncertainty, having ready access to portable oxygen machines can and literally does change lives for the better. Being able to travel at a moment’s notice is a relief to those who are often bogged down by the problem of logistics. Having this type of technology so easily and readily available is assisting impacted individuals in going about their lives in as comfortable and healthy a way as they possibly can. Quite simply, this is more necessary than it has ever been – and it will continue to be going forward.

Heading into the future

Heading into the future, there is a lot of uncertainty about how the next few months especially are going to adapt and evolve. The role of portable oxygen machines is not only more necessary than it has ever been…it is also more freeing and empowering than it has ever been. The technology that goes into ensuring that these awe-inspiring and life-changing machines continue to go from strength to strength, is paramount. Finally, thankfully, there is a growing realisation that this is the absolute truth and that this is abundantly necessary. Portable oxygen machines might seem like wonderful inventions to some of us, however for others they are literally life-changing machines that improve one’s quality of life tenfold.

While only a small amount of people require the help of a ventilator to breathe, it is a godsend to have portable oxygen machines sent to one’s home instead of having to make arrangements via the hospital, especially in such critical times. Furthermore, the coronavirus has left many hospitals short-staffed and short on ventilators. Thus, the creation of portable oxygen machines is able to help with the current situation by mass-producing and transporting to countries that need them the most. At this moment, both third world and developed countries severely lack the resources to deal with every single case of Covid 19, leaving some to fend for themselves, which is apparent in Italy. This triage is leaving a political and ethical conundrum in its wake, which could be potentially solved with the use of portable oxygen machines.

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