Things To Consider When Choosing Intellectual Disability Support Services

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  • Here are some things to keep in mind when making the important decision of choosing intellectual disability support services

There are a wide range of intellectual disability support organizations to help you. When you plan to collaborate with any of these organizations, you need to consider several factors.  As you are aware of your situation, you’ll know the kind of organization that will be beneficial for you. Hence, the best support will help you make decisions that are in your and your loved ones’ best interests.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of factors you need to consider when choosing an intellectual disability support.

  1. Programs Offered

The disability support organization must offer the programs that are best suited for you and your intellectual needs. Intellectual disability support services may include, employment, family support, personal and social development, housing facilities etc.

Are you interested in a program that will prepare you for the workforce, one that offers job training and skills enhancement? You may even be searching for a family and caregiver support, with regards to the materials to help you or your loved one facing intellectual disability conditions. Perhaps you are seeking a family to open up their loving homes for a loved one, and need the structures to help facilitate them. Housing services are another aspect, where you may need assistance of such support programs. Hence, these programs make it convenient and safer to browse through various options. You may explore the programs offered by CDS Monarch for you and your loved ones to help you in your process.

  • Accreditation

Researching different intellectual disability support organizations will equip you with the knowledge to assess whether its reliable enough to collaborate with them. Accreditation is one of the factors you need to consider when browsing through various organizations. Official certifications, rewards and recognitions should be public information and readily available.

  • Staff Qualifications

Authentic organizations that provide disability services, always have the details of the staff and their qualifications as well as the roles that they play in the entity. Transparency of the team helps you know who will be taking care of your loved ones, and how qualified they are to do so.

  • Reviews

A part of the research that you can carry out before making a decision, is the online reviews that appear about the various organizations. Some of the organization’s websites display the testimonials from their previous clients and participants. You can also look for independent reviews that come up in the search engine when you type in the name of the organization. Reviews can be both honest and dishonest, so you need to be meticulous about the process. You must use your discretion when analyzing online reviews.

  • Distance

You also need to consider the distance between the support services location and your own residence. The further the place, the more the travelling logistics have to be implemented and planned. Depending on the chosen services you may need frequent visits to the service provider.

  • Budget

Different service providers charge depending on the various factors such as your needs and available resources. Some providers discuss your unique situation and the requirements there-of, and then the finances follow suit. No price of money can be tagged on you or your loved ones’ state of wellness. The reality is that you need to consider sustainability, in terms of the long-term benefits. These are some areas you may discuss when you engage with the service providers. Win-win financial agreements are usually the desired outcome by both parties.

  • Your Instinct

When it comes to matters of health and wellness of you and your loved ones, getting it right the first time is the intended outcome. Unfortunately, some organizations are in for the wrong reasons. When you carry out your research, what apparently looks too good to be true, it probably is. If information seems doubtful or questionable, it probably is. If the staff workers are not upcoming when you reach out for clarity, you can only wonder why that is so. In some instances, trusting your instincts is the way to make your decisions.


There are several factors that you have to seriously consider when choosing an intellectual disability support service organization. The health, care and wellness for your loved ones is too important to trade off. Doing some necessary research will give you pointers such as accreditation, staff credentials, transparency and reviews. Your intuition and gut feeling also plays some role in such important decisions. Make sure to engage official websites and reach out to the available team, to discuss your unique circumstances for future collaboration.

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