Top 3 Reasons Healthcare Marketers Need To A/B Test

A/B testing is an integral part of how healthcare providers are able to increase their marketing ROI. Here's why healthcare marketers need to A/B test

April 5, 2019


When it comes to generating the highest ROI, finding ways to leverage data to shape your marketing messages is key. With so many variables that go into determining the success (or failure) of a healthcare marketing campaign, the more you can learn, the better. According to the leading digital marketing experts, A/B testing is a must in the healthcare industry in order to effectively identify what works for your target audience and to increase patient acquisition.

What is A/B testing?

Sometimes referred to as “split testing,” marketers use A/B testing to see which marketing variables may have the greatest effect on a specific quantifiable metric. For example, you may test two different ad headlines to see which messaging works best to get the most clicks. Or, you could send emails, with two different promotional offers, to see which of the two may translate into higher sales. There are a host of varying ways to apply A/B testing and even more benefits healthcare marketers can derive from its use.

According to experienced marketing specialists at Response Mine Health, here are the top three reasons why A/B testing should be a requirement in all of your marketing campaigns.

1. You Can Create Better Value Propositions.
In healthcare marketing, understanding the patient is of paramount importance. Knowing what terms, phrases, even keywords to include in your marketing copy can mean the difference between an ad working well and one that is barely seen or clicked on. The most effective way to fine-tune your messaging is through A/B testing. Unless you test various forms of text and ads, you won’t ever really know what resonates with your target audience. The more A/B testing you perform, the better your marketing teams will be in crafting instantly appealing and relevant marketing messages that will attract new patients – every time.

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2. Your Marketing will be Backed by Data.
A/B testing eliminates the “marketing guessing game”, by providing quantifiable results to help improve your marketing efforts. You can test new campaigns against currently running promotions to see which one(s) may have the greater effect on key marketing metrics such as patient acquisition, click through rates, even new patient calls. By having data to support your marketing decisions, you’re able to control how marketing strategies should be shaped to replicate previous winning campaigns while avoiding techniques that have been proven not to work.

3. You can Generate Higher Marketing ROI.
When you’re able to review the historical trends over different marketing campaigns you can begin to see patterns in what ad designs, times, platforms, and even promotional offers perform better over others. In this way, you will have the data you need to justify a certain marketing strategy based on the results you have been able to generate with other similarly-designed campaigns. The more targeted and specific you can make your healthcare marketing messages, the less time and resources you’ll have to spend to get the results you want.


At Response Mine Health, A/B testing is an integral part of how we increase our clients’ marketing ROI and patient acquisition. If your organization would benefit from incorporating A/B testing in your next marketing campaign, contact the award-winning digital marketing team at Response Mine Health today.