4 Ways How Text Messaging Can be Used as a Healthcare Marketing Channel

Now text messaging can be used as a healthcare marketing channel.

November 22, 2017

Communicating with your patients is essential to the success of any medical practice. How you set up new appointments, remind patients of upcoming appointments and manage medical questions will all have an impact on how your medical practice grows. Whether you want to communicate your policy to patients or gather more information through an online form, the ability to text message your patients is going to make your communication more efficient.

Share Information with Patients Through Texting

Bulk texting is a simple and fast way to reach out to your patients. For example, if you need to close your office because of inclement weather, you can send out a bulk text message to let patients know the practice is closing for the day. If you want to let your patients know about a recent flu outbreak, you can share a link to your website or blog post that describes ways to help prevent the spread of the flu. No matter what you want to share with your patients, you can send out a text to reach your entire practice within seconds.

Automated Texts Keep Your Schedule Full

Growing your medical practice means keeping your schedule full. When a patient signs up to receive text messages, it’s easy to set up the system to send out an appointment reminder. An employee won’t have to make a call, leaving the employee open to do other work instead. In addition, when it’s time for a patient to schedule an appointment, your system can be set up to remind the patient to do this automatically. Text messaging provides your patients with a quick reminder, and the ability to cancel an appointment if necessary. When the appointment is canceled, space will be opened up for an emergency visit for another patient.

Share Health News Through Text Messaging

Text messaging is the easiest way to reach out to a wide audience. If you’ve learned about a new health technology you want to share with your patients, or you have an upcoming event you want to talk about, a mass text message will reach the widest audience. For example, you can host a flu shot clinic at your office instead of having your patients come in at random for flu shots. More of your patients will be protected from the flu when you reach out to the mobile devices that they prefer to use.

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Build a Relationship with Your Patients

When you open up lines of communication with your patients, it is easier to build a relationship. With the ability to send you a text message, patients are more likely to ask health related questions when they come up. As a provider, you want to be accessible to your patients. Answering a text message takes less time than answering a phone call. This makes text messaging easier, yet it still enables you to communicate with all of your patients. Text messaging gives you many possibilities when it comes to reaching out to your patients. While you can’t send out test results in a text, you can certainly send out a text message to a patient to let them know to call in for test results. General text messages sent out to all of your patients can make a big difference when it comes to new policies, scheduling, or closing your office for the day. When you want to grow your medical practice, you have to focus on the ways you communicate with your patients.