What You’ve Been Wanting To Know About Sleep Problems

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A good night?s rest dictates the greatness of your day. Without a proper night?s rest, you?re more likely to feel stressed, cranky, and distracted. It disrupts the day and causes tension with loved ones. It has a compounding effect. You feel like there?s never a time to ?catch up?. In this article, you?ll learn: A. What causes sleep problems B. How to alleviate these problems C. Where to go if problems persist A good night?s rest is bound to happen ? if you understand what needs to be done?

The Causes of Sleep Problems

The National Sleep Foundation found that 35% of Americans find their sleep to be ?poor? or ?only fair?. Poor sleep is the result of many factors with the individual and a few external influencers. Stress is often the common denominator for those having trouble sleeping. The environment, too, contributes such as noises or being uncomfortable due to the temperature. Emotional swings will certainly keep you up. Ask yourself (and a medical professional) if you exhibit any of the following: · Depression · Anxiety · Genetic disorders · Respiratory problems Many people tend to have sleep problems because of their technology addiction, too. Being glued to the computer, TV, or phone up until the moment of rest keeps the body and mind active ? thus preventing it from ?winding down? for the night.

Fixing Your Sleep with Items and Actions

Poor sleep is often contributed to the sleeping environment. What you?re sleeping on and what?s going on around you is going to effect the quality of your sleep. Everyone has their ?routine? before winding down for the night; if the body is uncomfortable then it will feel restless and exhausted come morning. Two things to consider: · A better mattress · An adjustable sleep chair Mattresses should be replaced every 5-7 years yet how often do we really do this? The lifespan of a mattress varies because of body type, usage, and care. Which means it?s probably time to buy a new one that matches your sleep profile. Alternatively, sleep chairs provide a firm and adjustable piece for those that predominantly prefer to sleep on their backs. These are great for those that doze off while lounging. An adjustable chair is particularly great for the elderly and disabled who have trouble with laying completely down. Outside of the physical items ? one should consider: · Taking a hot shower then laying down in a cold room · Keeping a routine of sleeping/waking at the same time · Avoiding napping, otherwise keep it short (15-30m) · Eliminating caffeine past 12 o? clock · Removing the phone from the sleep environment Many of us having trouble with sleeping are experiencing it so due to our habits. We?re stubborn. Yet, there are many that have medical reasons preventing them from a good night?s rest. These individuals should consider?

The Organizations and Individuals Helping You Sleep

There?s no denying the benefits of good sleep ? from better brain activity to weight control ? but those suffering sleep problems due to medical issues… well, that?s another story. Thousands of sleep specialists are present throughout the United States. These ABSM accredited professionals help clients with: · Insomnia · Narcolepsy · Sleep apnea · Restless leg syndrome And many other medical/physiological disorders that prevent these individuals from feeling fully rested. These individuals may be found through resources like SleepCenters.org, listed in the ABMS website, or through discovery from local searches or references. The ZZZ?s will come The body will eventually fall asleep given enough time but this doesn?t count toward restful sleep. What you need is healthy, natural sleep. It?s frustrating feeling it never seems to happen but there is hope. 1. Understand the tell-tale signs 2. Find a better mattress or sleep chair 3. Develop better sleep-inducing routines 4. Seek professional help Don?t let your day be ruined by the night ? eventually, the zzz?s will come but it?s up to you to get active and make the changes to bring it about.

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