What Are The Key Success Factors For eHealth Apps?

The most important success factors for ehealth apps can make a major difference in how ehealth apps are received. Here's what to know

March 9, 2019

Creating an app has become much accessible to many people nowadays as compared to how it was before. Many companies resort to providing their clients with phone apps that help improve their overall experience with the company. This is especially true with brands that offer products or services that cater to the health and fitness of their consumers. But not all apps get the same amount of success the way the others do. If you are thinking about launching your own ehealth app, here are five things you should take into consideration.

1. Understand your Target Group and Customers

It is important to remember that the reason you are creating an app is to be more in touch with your target consumers. Whether your company’s products or services are geared towards a special group of people or a can be used by the general public, it is still important that you become familiar with how they create decisions as consumers. The app you are making should provide them with the help that they will need, which should specifically relate to your brand.

2. Demonstrate Your Technology’s Results

It’s easy for anyone to make a claim that a health app can change a user’s life or improve the state of their fitness. But nowadays, app users expect to be shown a handy result of whatever app it is that they are downloading and using. Most health apps provide their users the opportunity to keep track of the food that they eat and their daily activities. And from that, the app can then give the user a detailed information of what they can expect health-wise.

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3. Involve Patients

A good app should provide its users with the opportunity to personalize the way they use the app. The option for personalization gives users the sense that their choices and convenience are being valued. By involving the users in this manner, they will feel more comfortable in maximizing the use of your ehealth app as it can be catered to their more specific needs. For example, some apps provide their clients to customize the look of their app or be able to download results and keep track of their progress. Some can also be customized so that the results that you get will match what progress you can expect based on your age, body mass index, and the like.

4. Build Closer Collaboration

The idea of giving your consumers the opportunity to collaborate with your company in one way or another gives them a sense of importance. And of course, it should matter to your brand that your targeted audience is aware of your brand and of what you can offer them. This is why some companies allow their clients to have an influence on how they improve their apps, products or services. Giving consumers the opportunity to collaborate with your brand can be a win-win situation, because it helps you understand the people you are catering to and your users will, at the same time, feel that their opinion about the app they are using is being valued. In the same way, it can also help your company gain traction among potential consumers.

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5. Aim to Reach within Every Community

Sometimes what gives an app or a brand the popularity that they are getting is when they get to be more involved in a community of people. Nowadays, a company’s involvement in the community is of utmost importance. Sharing with the general public what your company stands for, what your brand believes in, and what you aim to accomplish for the greater good is a good way to become a part of a specific community. Let’s say, you want your health app to become a part of the lives of every college student. You have to be more involved in what matters to your audience, like being able to balance studying, health, and socialization. You can join in or launch events that will show them how your app can be of great value to them.


Success does not always happen overnight. If you want to create an ehealth app that gives millions of people the opportunity to keep track of overall fitness, it is important that you value what your users will think of and what they will truly need and gain from your app, and most importantly, from your brand.