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What Can Google + Hangouts Offer in HealthCare ?

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Anyone who has been observing social media can see that Social Media adoption in Medicine will make electronic medical record adoption seem turtle slow, , and SM has not required governmental funding or incentives. No you won’t be penalized financially for not adopting it, and it’s meaningful use becomes apparent without a cookie cutter list developed by some unknown bureaucrats who have never seen, treated or healed a patient.

Google has a winner in Google Hangouts….almost as large an impact as the original Google claim to fame…SEARCH .

Here are only some of the things doctors and their staff will be using it for.

1 Human Resources:  Interviewing job candidates with two or three of your staff in the hangout.  Prospective employees will be able to share documents right in the hangout. Your staff can “grill” the candidates and size them up. This will save enormous time for both sides in the process of hiring. Unemployed people do not have much disposable cash for driving to interviews.

2.Purchasing: A hangout with your supplier or medical device representative to ask questions and receive direct video feedback on items you wish to purchase.

3.Pharmacy reps no longer have to visit you directly to talk about their new wonder drugs.  However food cannot be served in the hangout. You can order Domino’s Pizza online.

4. Medical Management meetings between you, your consultants and staff members.

5.There are many other potential uses for G+ Hangouts, I am sure your staff and patients will think of many more.

The new dynamic view is in full swing, and I hope you are enjoying it. You may have noticed you have a choice of views from the tabs on the top banner. I like Flip board due to it’s ability to find older posts without scrolling.

Our next step will be integrating Google + Hangouts directly from the blog where you will be able to Join Me in my hangouts to offer criticism, and knowledge. You will be able to share documents, you tube videos, and windows running in the background, such as spreadsheets, slide programs, and PowerPoint decks.  Isn’t technology great?!


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