Why Massage Chairs Are Beneficial For Your Health

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Massage chairs are specialized chairs with built-in robotic or mechanical components that create massage-like vibrations. The main idea behind massage chairs is to provide a massage to a person sitting using airbags or water to reduce or eliminate tension and stress by squeezing the muscles and promoting proper blood circulation. In this post, you’ll learn more about the important reasons why massage chairs are highly beneficial for your health. Massage Chairs Relieve Tension and Stress In 1948, a massage chair made by Roland A. Labbe filed a patent application with a stool-pedestal-mounted and metal frame. It was designed to stretch and vibrate when a person sits on a chair to relieve muscle tension, pain, and stress. In the past, massage chairs were equipped with a combination of a roller, gears, vibrating mechanisms, and motors. With the advent of modern technology, massage chair designs have evolved and became more sophisticated. Today, massage chairs relieve muscle tension because of the small devices built into this specialized chair containing a gear or a weighted wheel to create a series of vibrations or massage. Not all brands of massage chairs are the same, so you have to conduct a massage chair comparison. You can attain the maximum benefit of a massage chair by choosing a product with the best features to optimally relieve muscle tension with effective vibrations, mimicking a real massage. Massage Chairs Promote Proper Blood Circulation Do you usually feel cold feet, numbness, or cramps in your calf muscles? If yes, then you have a problem with blood circulation. As the heart works harder, pressure on the veins and arteries happens due to weakened heart muscles because of old age, poor lifestyle, and existing medical conditions, like fat deposits in the arteries or atherosclerosis. For people with limited mobility, proper blood circulation is important, most especially among seniors or the elderly. Also, a gentle massage from a massage chair can help prevent and reduce the signs and symptoms of varicose veins. Investing in a high-quality massage chair can help boost you and your loved ones’ blood circulation without needing to leave home. Here are some ways a massage chair can help promote proper blood circulation:

  • The circular motion trigger enough vibrations to move skin tissues and underlying muscles to promote proper blood circulation.
  • Massage chairs have recline features that allow raising the legs for relief of symptoms and extra comfort. With massage and elevated legs, the combination treats the discomfort caused by varicose veins and other medical conditions.

Massage Chairs Improve the Mood Massage triggers the production of feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin. These are body hormones that regulate mood, happiness, depression, anxiety, and overall mental health. They help promote relaxation and balance the mood. Just imagine coming home from a stressful day and sitting on your very own massage chair. Surely, you’ll have a totally changed mood, from a bad or negative one to a more positive mood. Massage Chairs Promote Healthy Respiratory System The lung size greatly affects the quantity and quality of air a person breathes. Movement, massage, or exercise helps ensure that the lungs are working properly. Bad posture, immobility, or decreases movements can reduce the ability of the lungs to expand to their maximum size, resulting in reduced oxygen intake. Aside from exercise, massage can help your lungs expand and contract properly. Massage chairs can help to relax your respiratory muscles, as well as improve posture, so your lungs expand and inhale more oxygen, for deeper and longer breaths. That’s why massage chairs can help reduce anxiety and physically rejuvenate the body. Massage Chairs Boost the Immune System Sitting in a massage chair is one form of massage therapy, which can increase the number of lymphocytes or immune cells to help combat infections. A study shows that adult participants demonstrated a modified immune response after a massage. Massage can help reduce cortisol levels, a stress hormone, which also helps with improved immunity. Massage chairs act like real human massage, which can also enhance the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. This body system is essential to help improve your resistance against diseases. It eliminates lactic acid produced by tired muscles or sore muscles. Massage Chairs Relieves Pain A soothing hands-on massage plays a crucial role in relieving back pain. It’s the same principle when sitting on a good massage chair. The difference is that a massage chair’s massage doesn’t need human interaction. You can simply sit, adjust the settings, and fully enjoy the relaxing massage of a massage chair. Conclusion Massage chairs are must-haves in every home because of tons of health benefits they provide. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to have an improved immune system, relaxed body, less pain, stronger muscles, better breathing and circulation, and improved mood by simply sitting on a massage chair.

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