Why You Should Be Getting STD Testing Today

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  Getting a regular annual health exam is a great idea for all healthy adults, but not all testing that you may need is done as part of a regular check-up. STD testing is generally only done upon request and should be requested along with your other tests. Nearly 50% of sexually active young adults will contract some type of STD before they reach the age of 25. That’s a huge chunk of the population that may be carrying around a sexually transmitted disease. Many of them don’t have any outward signs, which is putting even more people at risk. STD testing should be done regularly for anyone that is sexually active, especially if you are starting a new relationship. The best way to protect yourself is to always practice safe sex, get regular testing and see a doctor right away if you suspect that you may have picked something up. There are plenty of great reasons to get tested for STDs including: Protecting Your Health Even if you are sexually responsible and have strick safe sex habits, you are not always completely protected. You watch what you eat, you go to the gym to keep your physical body healthy, so you shouldn’t hesitate to protect your sexual health. In most cases, STDs can be easily treated if they are detected quickly. Oftentimes a prescription treatment is enough to clear up any infection if dealt with quickly. When you leave symptoms for too long, you could complicate the problem and possibly create more serious medical issues. You may not be certain that your symptoms are anything serious, or just nervous about getting checked out but, it’s not wise to wait. If you suspect that something isn’t right, go see your doctor as soon as possible. Not only can quick action save your health but it can reduce the risk of spreading the issue to a partner. Protect Your Partner You may not have any symptoms of any kind of STD but that doesn’t mean that you may not be carrying something that is lying dormant in your system like Chlamydia. When you are in a new relationship, you want to start out with a clean slate, so to speak. When you are in the process of establishing trust and boundaries, getting tested is a good way to lay all of your cards on the table and show your partner that you respect them and care about their health. Open and honest sharing about your concerns and getting tested together can help you become closer and more intimate as a couple. It’s not enough to just say that you are clear of STDs based on the lack of physical symptoms. The fact is, that you could be carrying a viral infection within your body without ever knowing it. Unless you have proper testing there is no way to tell if you are infected with certain viruses. Fast & Easy Getting tested for STDs takes no longer than a regular doctor’s visit. You can have a urine or swab test done right at the clinic or in the doctor’s office. Even HIV testing can have initial results back to you within 20 minutes. Initial testing doesn’t require any needles and will take you less time than it does to go out for lunch. Appointments can be made right at your own doctor’s office or at your local clinic. Your privacy will be protected no matter where you choose to have your testing done. Make an easy and fast appointment today to put your mind at ease. The minor inconvenience that getting tested will cause your life is well worth getting a clean bill of health. Taking less than an hour out of your schedule should be a priority and a proactive step to protecting your own health. No Symptoms There are several types of sexually transmitted diseases that don’t show any physical symptoms for weeks, months or even years. For example, you could carry the HIV virus for up to 10 years before you ever know that you have contracted it. HPV has no symptoms in either men or women for many years after contracting the virus. If you don’t get regular testing, just imagine the people that you could possibly have infected within an entire decade. Just because you have no physical symptoms doesn’t mean that everything is fine. Protect yourself and make a regular appointment to get yourself tested. Conclusion In an age where casual sex is openly acceptable and remarkably widespread, there is no excuse to not do everything possible to protect yourself and your potential partners. Stop the spread and get yourself tested on a regular basis. You won’t be sorry when you find something with enough time to be treated easily and quickly.

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